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Tricolor 10 times increases the number of Internet viewers with Cisco IT infrastructure

29 Июля 2019

The multiplatform digital media operator Tricolor started the Internet broadcasting using Cisco network solutions. Thus, the developed infrastructure has become the background for the Tricolor Online TV service, and now the users can watch TV content on all types of client devices  — smart phones, Smart TV and receivers with online TV support.

Tricolor began developing the Internet broadcasting platform in 2017, and as early as at the end of 2018, the customers could enjoy TV channels on any mobile device with the IOS / Android OS, not only at home, but also outside - with the Tricolor Online TV application.

The company also launched the same-named applications for Smart TV with Android TV OS and for Samsung Smart TV with Tizen OS. In order to build a network IT infrastructure that meets the requirements of digital transformation era and ensures a good functioning of the service, Tricolor needed a reliable technology partner whose solutions would help to process multiple requests in a high-loaded Internet system, transfer large amounts of data and ensure smooth operation of the service in general.

“Thanks to our partnership with Cisco, we could create a reliable and high-performance IT infrastructure, - says Evgeny Latypov, head of the Online Video Services Operations Department, Tricolor - It allowed us to build a highway for client-content interaction. Now we can provide our customers any modern services of online broadcasting, including 4K, in the highest quality, disregarding the growing traffic. As a result, within the past two months the number of our online viewers has grown 10 times, exceeding 500 thousand users, and is still growing”

“This project is a vivid example of how Cisco’s innovative technologies contribute to digital transformation process, help companies to become more efficient, and allow regular customers to get services at a new level,” commented Sergey Polushkin, Cisco Business Corporation Manager. “The system, based on the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Routers, Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches, and VPN routers and L3 switches not only helps Tricolor to provide its customers with the highest quality Internet broadcasting services, but also allows our partner to develop this service in the future with no limit”.

Currently, the Tricolor Online TV service is available on most Tricolor TV receiving equipment with the Internet access option. In terms of image, the broadcasting quality is comparable to satellite broadcasting. In addition to high image quality, customers get advantages of non-linear services: watch a TV program archive (Catch UP), pause the video (TimeShift), rewind and watch a program or movie from the beginning (StartOver).

Clients can use the service all over Russia, wherever there is an Internet access, without any reference to the satellite signal coverage of the area.

About Cisco

Cisco is a world leader in information technology, which has been contributing to the Internet development since 1984. Our employees, partners and developing solutions provide secure connections and help to take advantage of digital technologies of the future in the present day.

You can learn more about solutions, technologies and current activities of the company on the websites www.cisco.ru and www.cisco.com, as well as on Twitter @CiscoRussia.

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