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Tricolor and AlfaStrakhovanie Launch Comprehensive Real Estate and Equipment Insurance Program

22 Декабря 2020
Tricolor and AlfaStrakhovanie Launch Comprehensive Real Estate and Equipment Insurance Program

The operator is developing online insurance service and expanding its product line in the segment. Tricolor clients will have the opportunity to have a policy for residential real estate, country residence and TV equipment on the exclusive terms, which have been specially designed for them by AlfaStrakhovanie JSC.

Residential property (apartment or house) insurance plan makes it possible to receive payment of up to 700 thousand rubles per loss occurrence. It is important that it does not require any inventory of property and preliminary inspection, and the service itself is available on Tricolor's official website.

To have a policy for country residence executed, minimum document package will be required. Amount of payment per occurrence may reach 500 thousand rubles. The list of risks, according to the terms of the plan, includes fire, flood, illegal actions of third parties, gas explosion, vehicle crash, falling of flying objects and trees.

Bonus of the joint program is the proposal to protect your TV and receiving equipment designed for use of Tricolor services against unforeseen situations such as fire, lightning strike, theft. Amount of compensation for these risks is up to 30 thousand rubles.

“Insurance is a strategically important activity for Tricolor. Quality of services provided and reliability of partner insurance company are unconditional priority for us. Thanks to our joint project with AlfaStrakhovanie, our clients will be provided with the unique conditions under the most popular insurance plans,” – commented Ilya Upkhonov, Head of Sales and Service in Tricolor Corporate Market.

“Tricolor is the major digital television operator in Russia, country residence owners tend to become its clients quite often, while such residences need reliable insurance protection most. In long-term perspective, our cooperation with Tricolor is strategically important for us, while our clients can rely on quality of our services and property security,”– noted Kirill Lukyanenko, Head of Network Account Department for AlfaStrakhovanie JSC.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group is Russia's largest private insurance group with universal portfolio of insurance services, which includes both comprehensive insurance plans securing business interests, as well as wide range of insurance products for individual clients. The Group unites AlfaStrakhovanie JSC, AlfaStrakhovanie-Life LLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS LLC, Medicine AlfaStrakhovanie LLC, and is part of Alfa-Group Financial & Industrial Consortium. More than 31 million people and over 99 thousand enterprises use AlfaStrakhovanie services. The regional network has 270 branches and offices across the country. The Group own funds amount to 31.7 billion rubles. International rating agencies confirm the company reliability rating at level BB+ by Fitch Ratings, BB+ by S&P, and ruАA+ by Expert RA.

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