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Tricolor and TV channel E raffled off one million rubles

13 Сентября 2019
Tricolor and TV channel E raffled off one million rubles

The grand-final of the Tricolor League first season in the cult shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the prize money of 1 mln rubles has completed in Moscow. The multiplatform digital media operator Tricolor and holding media structure E Terra Media were the organizers of the cybersports events.

In the Tricolor League grand-final the teams DreamEaters and Espada competed in the struggle for the championship and the prize money of 1 mln rubles. The decisive encounter in the form of Best of 5 until three victories was held in the TV studio E Terra Studio. By the heat of the struggle the final match was one of the most strenuous battles of the tournament. The victory was finally celebrated by the gamers of DreamEaters team.

«We are awfully glad that we have managed to become the champions of the first ever contest of Tricolor League in CS: GO game. The grand-final, just as the preparatory stage, was rather difficult, for in each encounter we had very worthy rivals. We would also like to note the highest level of organization of the tournament. Tricolor and E Terra Media made all their best to make the contests second to no international events», — remarked Svyatoslav Dovbakh, captain of the winning team.

The live broadcast of the grand-final of the Tricolor League first season in the cult shooter was organized by the TV channel E that is a part of the services of Tricolor. The contests could also be watched in E Terra Play group in VKontakte social network.

«Supporting the development of digital society, not for the first time Tricolor holds contests in cyberspace. We have seen a great interest in Tricolor League on the part of professional gamers. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not just a computer shooter. It helps develop skills of team game, strategic thinking and creative potential», — Tricolor’s content manager Arsen Khomutov says.

«The Tricolor League final was unforgettable: both teams demonstrated competitive spirit, and the winners — DreamEaters team players — also brilliant playing. We are sure that the TV spectators will be glad! Due to the Tricolor a big audience with no earlier coverage is now able to have a glimpse into the world of computer sports and feel this unbelievable spectrum of emotions», — ЕТВ general producer, managing partner of E Terra Media Natalya Chaikovskaya says.

The Е TV channel is available in the European part of Russia and in Siberia in the packages Single, Extra, Single Ultra HD in HD format (No.371 in the total list of TV channels).

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