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Tricolor at CSTB’2019: resume and plans

4 February 2019

Tricolor took part in the 21st international exhibition-forum CSTB. Telecom&Media’2019, which took place on January 29-31, 2019 in Moscow at Crocus Expo exhibition center.

Company’s booth

Tricolor continues its development as a multiplatform operator of digital environment. Tricolor chose an appropriate name for the booth at CSTB — “Digital Environment”. This year, the operator presented a new digital service “Tricolor Smart Home”, demonstrating the operation of special devices and sensors. The new service will enable the operator’s clients to learn instantly about water leaks, gas leaks, smoke, door opening, it will identify and inform about any motion in the premises. In case of emergency, a siren will sound, and a warning will appear on TV screen and a notification will be sent to the smartphone. Clients can also manage the lighting using a “smart lamp”, manage the power supply to electrical devices using a “smart socket”, receive detailed statistics on energy consumption, and monitor temperature and humidity indicators. The booth had a VR-zone, where anyone could try to manage a “smart home” using VR-glasses and two VR-joysticks. The interior of a living room with Smart TV and a kitchen was recreated in the virtual space.

At the booth was also presented a service of “Satellite Internet” with two connected laptops, which enabled to demonstrate the speed (up to 40 Mbit/s for downloading, up to 10 Mbit/s for uploading) and the signal quality in real time. The Internet was provided from a standard set of equipment for satellite Internet for individuals, available for purchase in Tricolor online store with a recommended price of 14,990 rubles.

January 29

On the first day of the exhibition, Tricolor held a conference for dealers, visited by over three hundred participants. The “strategy of the operator’s development in the digital era” was presented by Andrey Nesterov, Chief Marketing Officer of Tricolor. He focused his presentation on the company’s development of online services, Ultra HD package, as well as services that will make the customer’s life as comfortable as possible. The participants learned that Tricolor was preparing to offer one of the most expected services — cloud video surveillance.

More details about “Tricolor Online TV application” for smartphones, tablets and Smart TV, OTT service on a hybrid receiver, and “Tricolor Smart Home” service was disclosed by the Development Director of Tricolor, Denis Maymistov, in his presentation “New services of Tricolor as the basis for future growth”.

The Deputy Director General for Content Policy of Tricolor, Nikolay Orlov, spoke about the “Changes in the content policy in the digital era”. In particular, he said that the content for subscribers who watch TV channels via the Internet will differ from the offer on the satellite platform. The clients of Tricolor OTT service will be able to get access to niche TV channels, which are not available with the satellite. An example of such an offer was the children’s TV channel Tlum HD. The speaker also said that the company was going to continue to expand the line of its own movie channels. At the end of 2018, the operator launched Shocking and Romantic, and from February 1, 2019 – Comedy. Let us remind you that Tricolor has 11 own movie channels, including Cinema Premium, Action, Our Movie Novel, Our Detective, Our Favorite, Film Show, as well as UHD channels Cinema UHD and Series UHD.

The Head of Financial Services Area of Tricolor, Sergey Malyi, spoke about the “Organization of receipt of payments and partnership programs for dealers”.

The benefits of cooperation with the b2b segment, in particular — with HoReCa, were presented by the Head of Sales and Maintenance Services in the Corporate Market of Tricolor, Ilya Upkhonov, in his presentation “Work with business clients as an opportunity to develop business”. According to him, in 2018 20 thousand screens in various enterprises were connected. New attractive conditions that can be offered by dealers to business clients include: satellite Internet with a 50% discount, 4K TV sets on special terms and the largest package of Ultra HD channels in the Russian market.

Especially positive feedback from the participants was received by the training session “Increase of efficiency of the personnel using non-material incentive tools”, which was held by the well-known business coach Oleg Alferov specifically for dealers upon the invitation of Tricolor.

The company’s speakers also took part in the sessions of the main program of the forum. Pavel Steshin, Director of Government Relations and External Communications of Tricolor, spoke at the round table “Digital Transformation of Telecom and Media Industry”. The participants discussed the prospects of the Russian telecom and media communications market as a part of implementation of the digital economy program. Representatives of the industry raised the issue of formats of content consumption. For example, whether the “big screen” has any future ahead or all viewers will switch to mobile gadgets.

The panel discussion “Ultra HD Industry” was moderated by Nikolay Orlov. He held the discussion in terms of practical experience and business prospects for 4K implementation. Let us remind you that the operator was the first to develop Ultra HD television in Russia and now Tricolor has the largest Ultra HD package of 8 TV channels.

Ilya Upkhonov took part in the section “Satellite and video: new trends of satellite broadcasting” with his presentation “Satellite technologies for the corporate segment”. The speaker also presented alternative broadcasting possibilities. According to him, 21 % of B2B clients in the main population centers cannot connect to the satellite. The operator offers OTT broadcasting to such clients (online TV).

Yuri Rezvyakov, Technical Director of Tricolor spoke at the round table “Myths and facts of the role of satellite technology for delivery of video content”. The topic was about provision of non-linear TV viewing services to the clients of satellite TV, as well as the benefits of content delivery through satellite.

Marcus East, international expert in digital technology, who worked for Marks&Spencer, Apple, IBM, spoke for the attendees of CSTB’2019 upon invitation of Tricolor. Marcus spoke about “Long-term relations with clients in the era of digital technologies”. Being a visionary, he spoke about the most likely scenarios for development of technologies and their application in the life of ordinary people. According to him, we can expect a technological revolution, which will simplify the solution of household and work issues and will make the leisure more diverse. “Smart things” will fill the house and Smart TV will become a “window” for interaction of the human being with such technologies. “Smart home” is the future.

According to the tradition, Tricolor held a press conference. Andrey Nesterov and Pavel Steshin spoke about the results of the company’s work in 2018 and its plans for 2019. The revenue of Tricolor increased by 12 % compared to the indicators in 2017, and ARPU increased by 7.2 %, up to 1,678 rubles. The number of clients was 12.226 million, including over 10 million HDTV subscribers and about 100 thousand UHD users.

The first day of the exhibition ended with the “Big Digit” award, the strategic partner of which was Tricolor. Nikolay Orlov granted a special award from Tricolor to Eurosport 4K “For popularization of Ultra HD content”. Tricolor, in turn, received an award from the organizers “For invaluable contribution to the development of the telecom and media industry and support to the “Big Digit” award” and a special award from Eutelsat: “For development of satellite broadband services”.

January 30

On the second day of the exhibition, Andrey Nesterov spoke at the session of Content Summit Russia, section “Evolution of marketing technologies in the television industry, new mechanisms for content promotion. Presentation of Yolki.TV as an example of a successful seasonal pop-up channel. Characteristics of launch and implementation of a unique seasonal media project and its results”. He shared the success of the project. The share of channel viewing increased three times. The live broadcast from the event dedicated to the premiere of Yolki 7 had over 5 million views in social networks.

Nikolay Orlov took part in a Q&A session “What content do the operators and digital platforms choose and why?”

Denis Maymistov took part in the OTT.Future section at the session “Summary of the year in the eyes of the players. Main events and phenomena of the past year, plans and expectations for market development in 2019”. The speaker said that the audience of OTT services is much larger than it is believed by many market players. According to him, all the consumed content may be considered OTT. Videos, including news, training videos, movies, etc., become the main channel for transmission of information on the Internet. It should be taken into account when building OTT services. According to Maymistov, the task of the participants of the pay TV market is to make a revolution similar to the one made by mobile operators and mobile phone manufacturers, which changed the life of ordinary people in 10 years. Any content upon request, delivery services, medical services, smart home: it is important that the role of television should change in the same way as the role of the phone.

CSTB. TELECOM & MEDIA is considered as the main event of the television and telecom industry in Russia. This year, the exhibition had 25,178 visitors: representatives of the television and telecommunications industry from 58 countries of the world, as well as over 280 top Russian and foreign brands.

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