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Tricolor Became a Finalist of Promax Awards: Global Excellence 2021

22 октября 2021

Tricolor was short-listed by the international award for outstanding achievements in the field of TV marketing and design — Promax Awards: Global Excellence 2021. Spots of Ostrosyuzhetnoye and Premialnoye TV channels made it to the final in two categories at once: Best Promo Campaign and Best Editing.

The spot of the Ostrosyuzhetnoye Channel — Modern Classics of Action — inspired by a piece from The Seasons by P. I. Tchaikovsky was acknowledge by experts in Best Promo Campaign and Best Editing nominations. Specifically for the spot an original classics-based music piece was composed to reflect the channel’s values: uncompromising movement forward in lockstep with time and conservative approach to the matters of honor and valor. With the music and original editing Tricolor managed to emphasize an exciting nature of the channel and to reveal the harmonious beauty of action scenes at the same time.

Aside from Modern Classics of Action, the jury highly estimated editing of the spot featuring The Premialnoye Channel — Finding Noteworthy Films. The editing techniques used in the spot allowed taking the viewer through the avalanche of visual information, from an anxious feeling of perplexity to the confidence that films of the highest quality are waiting for them on the Premialnoye Channel.

“It’s a great honor for us to find ourselves among leaders. Production of our own TV channels is one of priority areas in the Tricolor’s strategy. Working on creative projects, including development of promo campaigns of our own TV channels we strive to be in tune with leading media marketing trends. We thank international experts for a high estimation of our work”, Marina Gasparyan, Tricolor Director for Content Production, commented.

A full list of winners can be found here.

Tricolor is a multiplatform operator that develops a shared information space of entertainment and services for the entire family accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Along with TV that can be watched both via the satellite and in the Internet, the operator offers its clients cutting-edge digital services including online services, smart houses, CCTV monitoring and satellite Internet. At the end of Q2 of 2021, the total base of Tricolor amounted to 12.259 mln. households, over 10.3 mln. clients that use the HD compliant equipment and 1.3 mln users with the online service. Currently, the operator has more than 500,000 4K clients.

Promax Awards is one of the most honorary awards in the field of entertainment marketing and design. Annually Promax Awards holds the international campaign to attract the best marketing and design projects and teams.

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