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Tricolor Gets 10 Millionth HD Subscriber

29 November 2018

In November 2018 the number of HD subscribers of Tricolor TV reached 10 million. Therefore, today more than 60% of all HDTV subscribers in Russia view HD television programs provided by Tricolor.

Over six years Tricolor reached 2nd place worldwide in terms of the number of HD subscribers in the segment of satellite television (Direc TV — 18.9 million, Dish Network — 9.8 million, Sky — 8.4 million).[1] A total of 82% of Tricolor subscribers have access to HDTV.

To celebrate its 10 millionth subscriber, Tricolor launched the 10 Million HD special program. Clients can get up to 50% cash back in the form of subscription days. The earlier the subscriber gets access to Tricolor TV, the higher is the share of cashback. The participants of the event will get gifts from the largest Russian seller of ebooks, Litres - 40% off all Litres.ru books and five books free.

“In 2012 we invested in developing HD broadcasting because we were sure that TV viewers are ready for, and want to receive better quality content. The fact that 10 million households all over Russia are subscribed to HDTV from Tricolor TV proves that we had chosen the right course of action,” says Pavel Steshin, Tricolor’s PR director.

HDTV from Tricolor TV: Information Notes

The main package of 44[2] HD-TV channels presents television of various genres, including five HD versions of federal TV channels. The operator has 8 own HD film channels, which are broadcast exclusively as part of Tricolor TV: Shocking TV, Romantic TV, KinoPremium HD, Thriller HD, Our Film Novel, Our Detective Story, Our Favorites, and Kinopokaz HD. High definition TV channels are present in all additional operator packages.

More than 4 million customers can watch 28 HD TV channels as part of their Online TV service, and manage on-air programs online. The service also allows to watch online channels on the Android TV platform with the help of Tricolor Online TV app. No receiver equipment is necessary. The number of HDTV channels will grow as more and more channels gain online broadcasting licenses.

Company Profile:

Tricolor is a multi-platform digital operator which provides a range of digital services, including TV viewing. Tricolor creates a unified information space of entertainment and services for the entire family that they can access from any device, in any place and at any time. The company broadcasts its programs all across Russia.

In the third quarter of 2018 the subscriber base of the operator included more than 12.201 mln households. The number of HD subscribers reached 10 million in November. Tricolor is No. 5 in the rating of largest international operators of satellite television (IHS Markit, 2018).

[1] Data provided by IHS Markit international analysis company, November 2018.

[2] Accessible throughout European Russia with use of HDTV-supporting receiver equipment. Subscribers who reside in the KA Express-AT1 coverage zone (Tricolor TV Siberia project), can view 28 HD TV channels.

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