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Tricolor has activated Pobeda (Victory)

12 Апреля 2019
Tricolor has activated Pobeda (Victory)

On 10 April Tricolor started telecasting of a new TV channel created by the Digital TV Family of Channel Pervy (One) dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Tricolor traditionally supports socially significant projects. The operator’s customers will see in the air of the around-the clock TV channel Pobeda the classics of Soviet war movies, Russian films and series, documentaries on the war; new cycles of programs based on archival documents and materials which were earlier unknown; veterans’ evidence; interviews with historians and experts; family reminiscences of the members of the Immortal Regiment campaign, and the finds and discoveries of search parties.

Tricolor is a member of the Board of Guardians of the TV channel formed with participation of the government authorities in order to implement a proper program strategy. “Love of the home country and patriotism are fundamental for preserving and passing on cultural and historical heritage to new generations. We deem it important to develop respect to national holidays and symbols. Owing to Tricolor, the new channel is available to each fourth resident of Russia”, commented Pavel Steshin, Tricolor’s head of relations with government authorities and external communications.

Pobeda TV channel broadcasts in European Russia in the Yediny, Extra, Yediny Ultra HD packages in SD format under No. 75 in the general list of TV channels. In Siberia, Tricolor’s customers can watch the channel in the Yediny and Extra packages on the same position. The number was chosen in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War which will be celebrated the following year.

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