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Tricolor has become a finalist of EFFIE

2 Апреля 2019
Tricolor has become a finalist of EFFIE

Tricolor’s channel Yolki.TV has entered the list of the finalists of the contest Effie Russia 2019 in the nomination Media Innovation and Media Idea.

Tricolor has submitted to the contest a pop-up channel Yolki.TV as a new communication format with the audience. The first Russian TV channel devoted to New Year was set up by the operator in December 2018 in partnership with Timur Bekmambetov in the run-up to the premier of the concluding film of the movie saga Yolki.

Strengthening of the customers’ loyalty to Tricolor has become the basic objective of the unique project. Using the exclusive content forming an emotional link of the brand and New Year, the TV channel Yolki.TV has attained the ratings of popular thematic channels.

In 2019 the number of applications submitted to Effie Russia 2019 has increased by 34 % compared to the last year. Over 240 experts in the sphere of advertising and marketing took part in the assessment of the applications. By the results of the points given by the judges in the first stage, 187 projects have reached the final from the general contest, including 9 ones in the nomination Media Innovation and Media Idea.

“We eagerly look for the results of the second stage of the jury voting which, we hope, will value our media innovation and the efforts which for just 1.5 months have allowed a unique television product to be made by merits”, noted Andrey Nesterov, Tricolor’s strategic and operative marketing director.

The meeting of the jury which will determine the winners of Effie Russia 2019 will take place on 4 April.


Effie Awards is the most prestigious award in the world in marketing presented for the chief achievement in the sphere of advertising and marketing communication, i.e. efficiency. The contest has been held worldwide since 1968 in 52 countries, on 5 continents. Effie chooses and awards the brightest and most efficient projects, reveals trends and sets the course for the development of the institution of proper professional marketing each year around the world.

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