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Tricolor has launched 9 own film channels

12 Февраля 2020

Romantic melodramas, sharp-witted comedies, action films, action movies, and thrillers — with new channels Tricolor’s clients have access to even more film and social content.

Starting from 3 February, Tricolor’s line of channels of its own production was supplemented by nine new projects. On the satellite platform the broadcasting was started by: Nash Kinopokaz, Blockbuster, Nashe Muzhskoye, Comedy, About Love and Hit1; in ОТТ there appeared: Rodnoye, Svaty, Soldaty.

«Tricolor has ten years’ expertize in production of film channels. This is the most important component of content offer to our subscribers. That is why we took a decision to increase our presence in series segment. We plan further to expand our offer of series content, mostly in ОТТ- and VOD-services», — Tricolor’s deputy general content manager Nikolai Orlov says.

Nash Kinopokaz — Russian action movies, comedies, dramas and melodramas, war and history films from the cinema and TV features already loved by the spectators to new releases.

Blockbuster — men’s TV channel broadcasting thrilling foreign and Russian films with unexpected twists of the plot.

Nashe Muzhskoye — long-running thriller films Russian style: Russian series on dangers and problems which can be tackled by real men.

Comedy — a channel of home-made and foreign comedies with the stars of Russian and the world’s humor: Mikhail Galustyan and Sergey Burunov, Jim Carrey and Eddy Murphy and others.

About Love — impressive melodramas and dramas, lyrical and romantic comedies from Hollywood, European, and Russian directors, — released and TV films about the most tremulous feeling only.

Hit — cult Hollywood franchises, topical genre collections, filmographies of famous actors and directors — the most remarkable movies from world classics to hit movies of the recent years.

Rodnoye — films joining generations. The channel broadcasts legendary Soviet movies, popular films of the 1990’s. Films that became part of our life, often quoted and rousing best feeling in us. Rodnoye is movies near to every one of us.

Svaty — 24 hours of broadcasting of top-rated comedy series Svaty (In-laws) for the entire family.

Soldaty — on this channel you can see anytime the popular home-made series Soldaty (Soldiers) that is on air round the clock.

All six new satellite channels will be distributed. Taking into account the large experience in creating film channels, the company is sure that these projects will be in demand in the market by other operators.

Thus, Tricolor has 21 film channels of its own production. We remind you that earlier there were launched Kinopokaz, Komediynoye, Lyubimoye, Nashe, Nash Kinoroman, Ostrosyuzhetnoye, Premialnoye, Romantichnoye, Shokiruyushcheye, and also UHD-channels Kino UHD and Serial UHD and online-channel Serial.

1 For Tricolor’s clients residing in the zone of broadcasting of the satellite «ExpressАМУ1». The project Tricolor. Sibir includes currently three new SD-channels: Hit, Blockbuster, Nash Kinopokaz.

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