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Tricolor has launched a "Tricolor Smart Home" service

5 Марта 2019
Tricolor has launched a "Tricolor Smart Home" service

Starting from March 4, "Tricolor Smart Home" is available to several millions of Tricolor's customers. This is the operator's regular step within the framework of the strategy for development of comfortable digital ecosystem.

Tricolor customers may handle Smart Home devices from a TV screen or using a mobile application on iOS or Android. The use of the service has become possible after updating the software on the consoles compatible with the "Tricolor Smart Home" service.

The due operation of the service requires a smart home control module that is connected directly to the receiver and a set of peripherals. To date, 11 smart elements are offered: sensors and devices making it possible to find out about water or gas leakage, smoke spread, opened doors; to get motion detector warning, etc. The customer has an opportunity to independently form the Smart Home set they need.

 “The modern world is changing very quickly, the number of devices and gadgets around us is increasing. We are convinced that the big screen enables a person to comfortably interact with digital services and opportunities, including the smart home. Owing to Tricolor's affordable solution price (the control module cost is 1,190 rubles), the smart home becomes really affordable”, commented Pavel Steshin, Director for Communications and Government Relations.

The system can work locally, without access to the Internet. When connected to the network, the customer makes use of additional features for more comfortable use of the service: remote control, receipt of push notifications, etc.

Starting from February 25, smart home devices have become available for sale in the Central and Southern Russia. By the end of March, smart devices will be available in all regions of the country. The operator is also about to offer, within a year, one of the most anticipated services to the customers – cloud-based video monitoring.

Read more about "Tricolor Smart Home" service: smarthome.tricolor.tv

Video reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asGAdHU7B5s

* * *

 "Tricolor Smart Home" is available to customers - owners of particular models of modern consoles recommended for reception of Tricolor TV channels. The system developer and equipment manufacturer is the operator's partner in technology - GS Group Company. The list of receiver models supporting the service can be checked with an authorized dealer or at a Tricolor corporate office. In the future, the range of receivers compatible with the service will be extended.

* * *

Tricolor is a multiplatform digital environment operator providing a range of digital services, including television viewing. Tricolor creates a single information space encompassing entertainment and services for the whole family, accessible from any device, at any place and irrespective of time. Its broadcast exposure covers the whole of Russia.

Along with the traditional TV viewing via satellite, Tricolor consumers can use Internet connection for watching TV channels, as well as high-tech broadcast management features: "Telearchive", "Watch from the Beginning".

By the end of 2018, the operator's customer base exceeded 12.226 million clients, including over 10 million HDTV subscribers and about 100 thousand UHD users. In 2018, the operator ranked fifth in the rating of the world's largest pay-TV operators (IHS Markit, 2019).

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