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Tricolor increased the number of TV channels in Siberia

27 Января 2020

Tricolor has expanded content offer in the project Tricolor. Sibir. Now Siberian clients have access to even more channels including in HD format and UHD.

Since 27 January 2020 the Siberian users of Tricolor’s services have access to more channels with musical, informative, film, and sports content. The project Tricolor. Sibir has been supplemented with top-rated thematic channels: My Planet HD, Kino TV HD, Secrets of the Galaxy HD, FAN HD, Paramount Comedy, M-1 GLOBAL, Our Topic, including two channels in Ultra HD format — LOVE NATURE 4К and INSIGHT UHD. Earlier in January Tricolor’s services for Siberian subscribers included also TV channels Yenisey, Bollywood, Arsenal HD.

«As a result of performing a series of technical works we have received an additional transponder capacity on a satellite. This has allowed us to launch about a dozen channels for Siberian clients, including expansion of the offer for the channels in the format of ultrahigh definition. Now the project Tricolor. Sibir comprises about 180 TV channels. We plan to continue provision of more quality content to our spectators in the region», — Tricolor’s content manager Arsen Khomutov says ­.

The channels are available to Tricolor’s clients with active subscription to the package Single or Extra in the coverage area of the satellite «Express–АТ1». In order to get the expanded content offer, the users have to search for the channels. For more detail see here.

For the clients whose equipment does not support today’s formats of broadcasting HD and Ultra HD, the operator offers the advantageous conditions for the exchange of outdated models of receiving equipment with new ones.

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