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Tricolor launches a bonus program

15 Августа 2019
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With a view to developing its own Ecosystem, Tricolor launches a bonus program for its customers, thus broadening the potential of using Tricolor ID [1]. Users, who sign-up for the program on the website, receive discounts and gifts from partners of “Tricolor. Bonus” and get access to special operator’s promotions. So far, participants can take advantage of the offers from various companies and services, like Yandex.Plus, Booking.com, BurgerKing, Post Bank, Perekrestok, Litres, TezTour, Komus, SkyEng, Sunlight, L’Etoile etc.

The Tricolor bonus program is aimed at attracting new customers and increasing loyalty of existing ones through additional nonTV value offers (nonTVvalue).

In order to take part in the bonus program, the client must enter its Tricolor ID on the website bonus.tricolor.tv; after that the client gets access to benefits from restaurants, banks, educational projects, travel companies, as well as from cosmetics, jewelry, home goods stores, toy shops, etc.

“The Tricolor bonus program is an brand new product for our customers. We are constantly working to make the lives of our subscribers more interesting and comfortable, offering them new opportunities. I am glad that the number of partners willing to join “Tricolor. Bonus” is only growing. In future there will be even more discounts and benefits!” says Andrew Nesterov, Deputy General Director for Strategic and Operational Marketing, Tricolor.

The partner companies of the bonus program, in their turn, get a chance to communicate with 12.232 million users of the Tricolor through the operator’s advertising facilities and joint promotions.

In order get customers aware of “Tricolor.Bonus” the operator have launched a two-part federal advertising campaign. The first part focuses on the search for Tricolor ID (site найдиайди.рф), and the second part explains the offer. The campaign, which includes among other things promotion of partners’ offers, was launched on Tricolor’s own unique advertising facility (inter-program banners, pop-ups, insets, TV-mail, e-mail newsletters, company website).

Now, participants of the bonus program can take advantage of offers from 33 companies. See full list of partners “Tricolor. Bonus” on: bonus.tricolor.tv.  

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[1] Tricolor ID is a unique customer identification number (receiver ID). Existing users know it as the receiver ID for entering the Personal Profile and paying for subscriptions to the Tricolor services.


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