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Tricolor Launches App for Android TV

24 August 2018

Tricolor TV clients now have access to Tricolor Online TV special app, which will allow viewing favorite TV shows, films and film series on Android TV-based television sets without any receiver equipment.

The app was designed and launched as part of implementing the strategy for the multi-platform operator of the digital environment, which offers a unified information space for entertainment and services for the entire family, available on any gadget, anywhere, at any time.

With the help of Tricolor Online TV any current Tricolor client who has an Android-based TV will be able to use operator services without adding on any receiver equipment. Together with the new app consumers will get various on-air interactive tools for managing on-air programs that had previously been available only to owners of receivers with Internet access. Telearchive for 7 days, Watch Again, program fast-forward option.

Pavel Steshin

Tricolor PR Director

“The new app allows our clients to watch their television and use additional services even if their Android TV is not connected to the satellite dish. For instance, if a user has Tricolor TV at their dacha, they can watch television and use various services in town as well. To do this, they only have to download their Tricolor Online TV app, and complete their authorization.”

The Tricolor Online TV app is available only to Tricolor users, owners of TV sets that are based on a Android TV platform with internet access. To activate, please download and install the app from Google Play, and enter your identification data. To use all the capabilities of the app, it is preferable to have an internet connection of 5 Mbit/s or more.

Tricolor will continue developing applications for various mobile and TV platforms.

For more information on Tricolor Online TV, please go to Tricolor website at www.tricolor.tv.

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