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Tricolor launches channel Victory Day 

25 марта 2020
Tricolor launches channel Victory Day

Tricolor, a multiplatform digital environment provider, launches a large-scale social and multimedia project Victory Day comprising a homonymic TV channel and an interactive project in collaboration with the social movement Immortal Regiment in order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Victory Day will become the main TV channel of Tricolor for a period from 3 April to 31 May. Every viewer will get a unique opportunity to take part in the creation of a TV version of the Immortal Regiment while staying at home. For this purpose, one needs to upload photos and stories about their friends and family members who fought for our Motherland to a special website, намважнопомнить.рф. These materials will be formed into video clips. Tricolor will tell stories of the majority of heroes in the project Immortal Regiment on Air created in collaboration with the international movement Immortal Regiment. Upon termination of the Victory Day project all sketches will be stored on the official page of the Immortal Regiment.

Kirill Nabutov, a well-known TV host, a multiple TEFI award winner and an author of a number of documentaries about the war and the siege, will become the main producer of the channel. Such programme series as Remember the War, Victorious Commanders.Private Matters, Victory Figures, Five Weeks to Victory, will form a basis of the Victory Day channel's broadcast schedule. The viewers will also be able to watch movies about the Great Patriotic War, namely the most memorable and favorite Soviet and Russian films, and popular TV series such as Seventeen Moments of Spring, Liquidation, Admiral, Panfilov's 28 Men, Battle for Sevastopol, Young Guard, Five Brides and many others. In total, there will be more than 125 hours of cinematic and TV series content.

In course of the programme Remember the War the viewers will hear the stories told both by ordinary citizens of our country and film actors, theatre performers and entertainers, such as Alisa Freindlich, Konstantin Khabensky, Nikolai Fomenko, Maksim Leonidov, Yulia Menshova, Dmitry Dibrov, Irina Pegova, Aleksandr Tsypkin and others.

The project Victorious Commanders.Private Matters is dedicated to outstanding military leaders of the Great Patriotic War. Relatives of marshals will share their memories of the war heroes.

The list of relatives includes such names as Natalia Koneva, a daughter of the Marshal of the Soviet Union I. S. Konev; Natalia Malinovskaia, a daughter of the Marshal R. Ya. Malinovsky; Karina Nadzharova, a granddaughter of the Marshal I. Kh. Bagramian; Aleksei Govorov, a grandson of the Marshal L. A. Govorov.

Moreover, there are plans to show a live broadcast of the upcoming Victory Parade on the Red Square on the channel.

Clients of Tricolor will be able to watch the Victory Day channel around the clock at number 29 in the general channel list (via satellite) and in the OTT environment with the help of the application Tricolor Kino I TV.

Almost four dozen camera crew members have been working on the content for the channel since January 2020. More than 110 hours of footage have already been shot for the Victory Day channel in different cities of Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Izhevsk, Stary Oskol, Murmansk, etc.) and the filming still goes on.

Andrew Nesterov, Tricolor's Deputy Director General for Strategic and Operative Marketing, says, "With the help of the Victory Day project, we want to excite the viewers to feel pride for our victorious soldiers and gratitude for their feat, as well as to give them an opportunity to remember or to learn about little-known stories and events that will surely resonate with everyone. We are sure that it is Tricolor with an audience of over 40 million viewers that is able to encourage people to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our victory in such vivid and ambitious manner."

Kirill Nabutov, a host and a co-producer of the Victory Day channel, says, "While working on the Victory Day project, I believe that we examined about five thousand documents from the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defence, and there were also countless photos and documents in personal archives. We talked to the veterans of that war and we are very grateful to them for these conversations that sometimes lasted for many hours because they were tedious for elderly people, but everyone agreed to talk to us; after all, no document or archive can replace the story told by a real living person. The Victory Day project of Tricolor is a tribute to the people who survived during those terrible times. And a tribute to those who did not manage to do it. The memory of this war is, in fact, still the main thing that unites our country."

The provider will conduct an all-Russian extensive advertising and information campaign in order to attract attention to the project. The total communication coverage will amount to 60% of the Russian population, i.e. about 80 million people.

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