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Tricolor Launches Rosgosstrakh Health and Car Insurance Programs

19 января 2021
Tricolor Launches Rosgosstrakh Health and Car Insurance Programs

Tricolor, the multiplatform operator, has been developing the Tricolor Insurance service, offering its customers to join “out-of-the-box” insurance plans such as Health is Pricier, an insurance for cancer diagnosis, and CNC Insurance Professional, vehicle owners' liability insurance, offered by Rosgosstrakh insurance company.

Health is Pricier insurance plan limit is 8 million rubles. A lump sum payment of 250 thousand rubles in case of cancer diagnosis is also included in the policy. Apart from direct costs of medical treatment in the Russian clinics, the plan covers the cost of medicines, travel and accommodation, which include enhanced comfort wards.

“Tricolor is consistently expanding its health insurance product line: in spring we launched the Coronavirus.NET program, this year we come out with a new one - cancer diagnosis program. People in challenging situations are especially in need of support, which also includes financial aid. Peculiarity of the Health is Pricier insurance plan which we offer in cooperation with Rosgosstrakh company, our strategic partner, is that it covers almost all expenses arising due to diagnosis and treatment of cancer,” – commented Ilya Upkhonov, Head of Sales and Service in Tricolor Corporate Market.

“With Health is Pricier policy from Rosgosstrakh, a person who has been diagnosed with a dangerous disease will get every legal, medical and financial support needed from us. We follow up our clients at all stages of treatment, from the moment of diagnosis being established, performing counterchecks by doing supplementary medical examinations and tests, giving patient treatment referrals to the major federal medical clinics which apply advanced medical technologies; and we keep monitoring their health condition after treatment, — said Elena Belousenko, member of Rosgosstrakh Management Board, — Thanks to our cooperation with Tricolor, provision of high-quality medical aid in treatment of oncological diseases will become more accessible to many Russians.”

Also in January, Tricolor, jointly with Rosgosstrakh, will launch CNC Insurance Professional vehicle owners liability insurance plan. It is intended for experienced drivers, and provides compensation for damage caused to client's vehicle in case of a road accident or dropped objects. Apart from that, the policy covers the costs of repairs and technical assistance on route, such as delivery expenses of up to 10 litres of fuel, calling a mechanic to replace a flat tyre or start an engine.

Maximum amount of risk insurance is 600 thousand rubles. It is important that vehicle inspection is not required to obtain the policy. You can become member of CNC Insurance Professional program if you have a domestic manufacture car of 7 years max., and a foreign car of 12 years max.

You can have your Health is Pricier and CNC Insurance Professional Rosgosstrakh policies executed on Tricolor website in the special section Insurance which also contains every detail of the insurance plans.

Rosgosstrakh PLC insurance company is a flagship company of domestic insurance market, part of Bank Otkritie Group.

There are 1,639 representative offices of the company in the Russian Federation. About 50,000 members of staff and insurance agents are employed by the company.

On October 6, 2021, Rosgosstrakh system will mark 100 years since its formation.

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