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Tricolor launches two own channels: Shocking and Romantic

30 October 2018

Tricolor, a multi-platform digital communications operator launches own TV channels: October 31 - Shocking TV, and November 3 - Romantic TV.

These TV channels, which are represented in SD and HD formats, will show cult movies and premiers of recent years, including films by Paramount, Warner Bros., Sony, and MGM.

Shocking TV is the rebranding of Kinopokaz HD-1 channel, which has been on the air since August 2008. The channel has been created for active people who seek a rush of adrenalin and want to feel strong emotions while viewing scare films. The collection includes the following franchises: Paranormal Events, Nightmare on Elm Street, Astral, Sinister, Grave Diggers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Destination Point, and genre classics: Return of the Living Dead, Child’s Play, Pet Cemetery, Dream Catcher, and recent premieres: “Woman in Black,” “Blair Witch: A New Chapter,” “Martyrs,” “Scream 4,” “Amityville Horror: Awakening,” “Sadako vs. Kayako,” “Carrie.”

Romantic TV will present Turkish and Latin American soap operas, as well as a collection of Hollywood and European films. Romantic films will be shown in every genre, and include comedies, dramas and melodramas. The channel will start its work with the premiere of the famous Brazilian series, “Family Ties.” The viewers will be treated to a selection of cult romantic films: “Dirty Dancing,” “Letter to You,” “City of Angels,” “With Love, Rosie,” “Sweet November,” recent melodramas: “Three Steps Above Heaven,” “Three Steps Above Heaven: I Want You,” “Time Traveler’s Wife,” “Dear John,” “The Notebook,” “The Lake House,” and “The Best of Me.”

The design of the TV channel studios was made by SHANDESIGN.PRO, one of the most well-known studios in Russia and abroad. The design of Shocking TV channel is bright and original and reflects the horror film genre. The design of Romantic TV channel is soft, airy and tender, transmitting the atmosphere of romanticism.

Nikolay Orlov

Deputy Director for Content Policy

We continue working on the lineup of own channels that would be of interest to various audiences. Shocking TV is everything you were afraid of thinking about or even imagining. Shocking TV is your most horrible nightmare. Blood curling horrors and thrillers - one million reasons to test your nerves. If you like horror films, come here. Romantic TV will bring together and satisfy the expectations of those who feel deeply, have rich emotions, are not afraid of their tears and knows the price of real joy.

These TV channels will be included in the Unified, Extra, and Unified Ultra HD packages. In European Russia Shocking TV will be available under No. 205 (HD) and 206 (SD) in the general list of channels, and Romantic TV will be at slots Nos. 209 (HD) and 210 (SD). In Siberia the TV channels will be broadcast at the above slots in HD quality only.

Let us remind our readers that Tricolor has 10 own film channels, including KinoPremium, Thriller, Our TV Novel, Our Detective Story, Our Favorite Films, TV Show HD-2, TV Show, and UHD channels - UHD Films and UHD Film Series. All the TV channels with the exception of TV Show Channel are shown exclusively as part of Tricolor TV package.

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