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Tricolor on CSTB. Telecom & Media’2020: results and plans

5 Февраля 2020
Tricolor on CSTB. Telecom & Media’2020: results and plans

Within the frameworks of the annual trade telecommunications exhibition Tricolor spoke about the services launched in 2019, and its plans. ОТТ, Umny Dom (Smart House), a bonus program, an online-cinema, a TV channel of live broadcasts, a New Year specialized channel for clients — Tricolor has created and continues to develop its own ecosystem in response to the audience demands. Using the key to the ecosystem — Tricolor ID — the consumers watch the channels they are interested in anytime at any device and get access to the growing number of services. In 2020 the company will offer a new product — video monitoring.

At a traditional press conference within CSTB. Telecom & Media’2020 Tricolor’s speakers — deputy general manager for strategic and operative marketing Andrew Nesterov and deputy general manager for content policies Nikolai Orlov — voiced the result indices for 2019. The operator’s client base has reached 12.230 million, including 10 million HD-subscribers and over 125 thousand UHD-users.

The number of corporate clients who have got connected to Tricolor’s services has grown by 26 % in a year, more than half of В2В-connections being in the services segment: cafes, bars, restaurants.

Tricolor’s online-services continue to get more popular among the clients. The number of the users of OTT-services of the operator has exceeded 1.2 million, which is about 10 % of the total client base.

In 2019 Tricolor presented its own online-cinema that is available to the operator’s users by subscription. The movie library is continuously supplemented by top-rated films.

Tricolor actively develops theme-based TV viewing as well. On average the share of TV channels of the first two multiplexes of digital broadcast TV and thematic channels equals 57 % and 43 % respectively. 10-12 % in the latter index is taken by the operator’s own film channels.

In late 2019 Tricolor presented a new format of a niche channel — its own TV channel of live broadcasts Bolshoy Efir. The ОТТ-clients have been enabled to observe in real time unique events that do not usually find place in the viewing grid of federal TV channels. For instance, the spectators have already watched a stage of the world championship in jet sport racing, crossfit contests, unarmed combat, as well as telecasts of rocket launches from Baikonur. The telecasts of sports events in Bolshoy Efir are interesting for the users not less than the content of popular sports channels.

Also on 1 December Tricolor presented a gift to its clients by launching an exclusive channel Pod Yolkoy with the known actor and showman Nikolai Fomenko being its image. The TV channel proceeded with its broadcasting until 31 January 2020. The share of its TV viewing was 0.6 %, which is comparable to the indices of certain popular thematic channels. By the way, its predecessor, a New Year channel Yolki launched by Tricolor a year earlier was in 2018 among the finalists of the award Effie Russia 2019 in the nomination «Media innovations and media ideas».

The attraction of new clients and enhancement of loyalty of the existing ones is facilitated, among other things, by additional offers not related to TV viewing. The bonus program Tricolor Bonus from the moment of its start in August 2019 has already been joined by more than 120 thousand clients. At the moment they have access to more than 30 offers from Tricolor’s partners: restaurants, banks, education projects, travel companies, as well as outlets of cosmetics, jewelry, goods for home, toys, and etc.

Tricolor remains the leader in growth rates of connecting physical persons to satellite internet in Russia.

In March 2019 Tricolor launched a modern service Tricolor Umny Dom making it low-cost, simple, and user-friendly. The operator undertook an educational function by carrying out a federal advertising campaign that explains options and advantages of using the service.


CSTB. Telecom & Media’2020

On the first day of the exhibition, on 28 January, Tricolor held a large conference for dealers that was attended by over 350 participants. The company’s speakers spoke in detail of the existing services and nearest plans. Particularly, about one of the services that are most expected by the clients — cloud video monitoring that will be available already in the first half of 2020.

The company’s representatives also took an active part in the exhibition’s business program. Tricolor’s deputy general manager for content policies Nikolai Orlov spoke at the plenary round table «Global video monitoring ecosystem». The key thesis of the report: under the conditions of changes in the sector there is an urgent need to develop a new strategy for developing the market for television and radio broadcasting, which must take into account interests of all the participants.

On the discussion panel «Traditional television and competitive environment» Tricolor’s content manager Arsen Khomutov told of the perspectives in the development of niche sports content. «Broadcasting in ОТТ allows the operator to offer the clients channels that might be interesting even for a very limited audience, that is why Tricolor plans to develop niche TV viewing further in this way», — he shared.

On the discussion panel «Satellite operators in the epoch of «Industry 4.0» Tricolor’s technical director Yuri Rezvyakov spoke of changes in the market related to the Fourth industrial revolution and of how Tricolor takes this into account in developing its own Ecosystem combining a multitude of services.

The head of Tricolor’s media projects department Vera Treshchalova spoke at the forum Content Summit Russia in the session «marketing cases for content advancement». She spoke of the all-Russian project A voyage to the land of television organized by Tricolor and TV channel Ryzhiy. For the whole year within the project in all Russia events were held where children in would learn the basics of television occupations while playing. The results show that events held beyond internet have a positive effect on the company’s image and solve problems of increasing the share of the channel’s TV viewing. For instance, in South federal district the coverage of the TV channel Ryzhiy has grown by 28 %.

The head Tricolor’s television development department Kirill Abramov participated in the discussion panel «Efficient model for monetization of ОТТ and video services». He noted the efficiency of those services which can be orientated toward the greatest part of the population of the country. The supply’s availability and mass nature plays in important role.

The manager of the Satellite internet department Daniil Nirman spoke at the conference #SpaceBrief: «Digital SpaceCom – digital regeneration. How satellite communications in the new digital reality are transformed». At it he told of the big dormant potential for the development of satellite BBA in Russia — in the mass market and in the small business segment.

We will remind you that Tricolor takes part annually in the CSTB exhibition. This year the operator was the strategic partner of the event.

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