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Tricolor: Results of the 3rd Quarter of 2018

29 October 2018

As of the third quarter of 2018 the caller database of the multi-platform digital environment operator Tricolor amounted to 12.201 million users. The number of HD subscribers is approaching 10 million. The number of UHD subscribers reached 74,000.

The transfer from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 broadcasting format, successfully completed in 2018, allowed a larger number of clients to gain access to HD TV channels and additional services. Tricolor subscribers with 4K Ultra HD and CAM modules can now watch the largest number of UHD TV channels in Russia. The Ultra HD TV package has seven TV channels and their number will grow.

As part of the provider’s strategy to offer a single information space for entertainment and services for the entire family from any gadget, in any place and at any time, Tricolor has been actively developing digital services.

Around 4 million Tricolor clients have technical capabilities to use OTT services of the operator (pause, record, rewind). Subscribers of Online TV service can view TV channels and manage on-air programs via the Internet or the Android TV-based TV app. The service offers 141 TV channels, including 28 channels in the HD format. The number of TV channels will grow as more and more channels gain online broadcasting licenses.

Pavel Steshin

Tricolor PR Director

The company believes that the slight change in the subscriber database has to do with changing ways of consuming content. There are two types of offers for subscribers on the market, which allow viewing Tricolor TV channels on two screens as part of the single subscription. Clients can use server+client satellite package. Or, if they have receiver equipment with online access and a TV with an Android TV unit, they can download a free Tricolor Online TV application and use OTT services under their current subscription. In the near future the operator will access new platforms, including IOS and Android-based platforms on mobile devices. Yet another factor includes changing conditions for the Unified tariff.

Tricolor is the leader on the Russian market in terms of the number of channels offered in HD and UHD format. As of the end of September 2018, the clients of the base package of TV channels have access to 258 television channels, including 43 in HD format and 7 in Ultra HD format.

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