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Tricolor’s 2020 Subscribers Pool Multiplying

11 Февраля 2021

Positive dynamics was provided by the exclusive content and interest of the audience in HD and Ultra HD formats.

By the end of 2020, Tricolor has expanded its client base to 12,257 million users. The driver of growth was the audience's interest in Russia's largest TV channel package in Ultra HD format and the exclusive content. Number of Tricolor's UHD clients doubled up to 250 thousand during the year. HD client base grew, reaching, by the end of the past year, the level of 10.3 thousand households.

In 2020, number of satellite Internet connections increased 2.5 times. More than 90% of the attracted clients are individuals. Tricolor contributed to about half of the entire VSAT market growth in Russia. Also, thanks to cooperation with Konnect as operator, service geography has expanded in 2020. Now satellite Internet is available for residents of the Siberian Federal District at the speed of up to 100 Mbps.

By the end of 2020, the total number of satellite channels grew from 268 to 283, which included 59 channels in HD, and 10 - in Ultra HD formats. The operator has also extended the number of own production channels, having added 6: Hit, Blockbuster, Comedy, About Love, For us, Men, and Our Films.

The total TV viewing share of the operator's own satellite channels exceeded 12% of all television viewing, and 30 percent on the Internet viewing. At the same time, in OTT, the most popular were the operator's mono-series channels.

During the pandemic and self-isolation regime, Tricolor has provided viewers with access to broadcasts of sports and cultural events, as well as space industry events. The 2020 Big Air online project included nearly 1,000 live programs and about 30,000 regular broadcasts of various events.

Tricolor became the first operator to show the performances of Alexandrinsky Theatre and concerts of State Academic Capella of Saint Petersburg, in real time. Tricolor online users were able to view the online musical marathon dedicated to 80th anniversary of poet Joseph Brodsky, and Hooligan's Anniversary, the exclusive TV broadcast of music festival in honor of 125th anniversary of poet Sergei Yesenin, which was held with participation of the Russian stars.

In the spring of 2020, due to cancellation of the Immortal Regiment procession, Tricolor, using its technological capacities, initiated transfer of this all-Russian action to online and television formats. The operator has launched Victory Day project, a large-scale social and multimedia project in honor of 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The TV channel under the same name as well as the joint interactive project with Immortal Regiment social movement were part of it. Since the broadcast was launched, the channel has gathered the audience of 10 million people.

Moreover, during the pandemic, Tricolor was the first operator in the North-West Region to put forward the initiative of providing the state with its own contact center capacity for establishment of the unified information service 122. More than one hundred thousand citizens received answers to their coronavirus-related questions via that 24-hour hotline number.

“The pandemic forced all market participants to respond quickly to crisis situations occuring in the country and around the globe. In the spring, the company implemented projects of social importance. Together with the Ministry of Education, we have launched the educational channel MY SCHOOL online for distance learning of schoolchildren. In the summer, together with our partners, we created Coronavirus.NET, a special online insurance program according to which citizens with confirmed diagnosis were able to get monetary compensations”, — noted Andrey Nesterov, Tricolor's Deputy Director General for Strategy and Development.

In October, Tricolor, as part of its corporate ecosystem, launched a cloud-based video surveillance service. The unique advantage was possibility to use the service online for free. The only service that is for pay in the application is video archive access.

In December, in order to supplement COVID insurance, Tricolor together with AlfaStrakhovanie company launched a comprehensive insurance program fo real estate and equipment.

“In 2020, Tricolor proceeded with active development of its own corporate ecosystem. We provide linear and non-linear television services to more than 12 million clients, offer smart home facility management, health and property protection solutions, expand the satellite internet geography. We try the new video formats such as Big Air, educational projects, own content for streaming service. Quality of video content is also a priority for us — the share of HD and Ultra HD content viewers is growing. We are the only ones to provide that scope of unique services to most regions of Russia, and we are going to expand the list of benefits for our clients even further,” Andrey Nesterov says.


Tricolor is a multiplatform operator developing a single information space of entertainment and services for the entire family in Russia, such space being accessible from any device, anywhere at any time. Along with TV which can be watched either via satellite and online, the operator offers to its clients cutting-edge digital services and options which include streaming services, smart home, video surveillance and satellite Internet. At the end of 2020, Tricolor's total client base amounted to 12.257 million households, including 10.3 million HDTV subscribers, and more than 250 thousand UHD clients.

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