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Tricolor starts developing its own digital Ecosystem

18 июля 2019
Tricolor starts developing its own digital Ecosystem

The operator announced this news on July 18, 2019. The Ecosystem will unite all services that meet customer needs: entertainment, development, training, etc. The key to access this digital ecosystem is the unique Tricolor customer ID, which 12 million Russian households have already received.

Development of its own Ecosystem is one of the principal elements in the Tricolor strategy. The advantage and distinctive feature of the Ecosystem is that the Big screen serves as a single access window to various services, the average interaction time of Russian customers with the Big screen is 4.5 hours per day.

Each of 12.232 million Tricolor customers has already got their access to the Ecosystem. With Tricolor ID, users can consume content in any convenient way - via satellite or the Internet.

From October any resident of Russia can become a part of the Ecosystem. For the first time Tricolor will provide access to its OTT services for non-customers. By the end of the year, the company expects to have increased the number of OTT users to 2 million, mostly due to new connections. Currently, the operator has over 500 thousand OTT customers. The growing OTT base makes the background for development of the Tricolor Ecosystem Big Data direction, which will allow customized offers for the users.

The Tricolor Ecosystem is open to various partner services. The operator is negotiating for cooperation with leading companies in various industries.

“Even now our services are making life of Russian customers better. In developing its business Tricolor takes into account changing needs of the audience. Customers want to receive one-stop-shop services. The Tricolor Ecosystem will meet that need of the audience. We do not just offer various digital services, we make interaction of our customer with services as comfortable as possible,” says Andrew Nesterov, Deputy General Director for Strategic and Operational Marketing, Tricolor.

Within the Ecosystem, Tricolor is also going to actively develop the content. In October, the operator will launch an online cinema, which in 3 years is expected to enter the TOP-3 Russian online cinemas. The company will also start its own cinema series shooting. Negotiations with Russian and foreign content creating companies are underway.

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