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Tricolor to launch cloud video monitoring service

15 Октября 2020

In Tricolor’s ecosystem the project for implementing cloud video monitoring will take priority positions.

According to the estimates of Tricolor’s analysts, the domestic market for cloud video monitoring adds annually by no less than 30% in revenues. It is for the leadership in this segment that Tricolor is going to compete.

As Tricolor’s experts note, digital transformation will become a major trend of this year under the self-isolation conditions, therefore the growth rates of cloud services will be increasing. On top of that, consumers manifest a growing interest in Internet of things.

“Self-isolation has made the Russians reevaluate their stay at home, raise demands to the convenience of living accommodations and their enhancements. The market is impetuously responding to this demand, the modern system of video monitoring is a multipurpose multifunctional product today”, — comments Roman Makhayev, director for sales and customer servicing.

The “Tricolor Video Monitoring” service is not just about guarding an apartment or an office from undesirable visitors, it is a part of a large ecosystem. Cameras can perform a video baby monitor function: by recognizing baby’s crying, the system sends instant notifications to a smartphone. Inbuilt speaker and microphone enable to speak with those who are near the camera.

Cloud servers ensure safe storage of received information without a risk of lock. It is important that all cloud storage servers are located within the Russian Federation.

Tricolor’s video monitoring system allows a video stream to be viewed online, and history records retrieved using a special tab function. Video materials can be stored for up to 30 days.

IP67 protection allows the camera to retain the sound and image quality even under unfavorable weather conditions such as during heavy rain or wind.

“Our cameras provide for the quality of video recording with resolution Full HD and angle of view 131°, infrared backlighting ensures excellent image even in complete darkness. Due to an inbuilt system of video analytics and sound and motion sensors the camera quickly determines a human being in the frame and immediately sends a notice to the owner’s smartphone, which enable an instance response in case an uncalled-for visitor appears in the house”, — Roman Makhayev noted.

A system of video monitoring can also become a most important service tool for business, particularly for retail and HoReCa. Video analytics received due to video registration will allow numbers of visitors in the hall to be controlled, the problem of queues solved, working hours in the office regulated.

The system is accessible by the user from any device. For installation there is no need to buy a SD card, video recorder or a hard disk — the camera from the box is ready to be used.

The user can adjust and install new-generation video monitoring on his/her own, and the price of the equipment does not exceed five thousand rubles.


Tricolor is a multiplatform operator providing a set of digital services which include tele-vision within the entire territory of Russia. Tricolor creates a single information space of entertainment and services for whole family, accessible from any device, at any place and regardless of time. Along with traditional viewing of TV through the satellite Tricolor’s customers can use internet connection for viewing TV channels, as well as broadcast control options (rewind, pause, TV history data). In 2019 Tricolor launched an online cinema that is accessible to subscribers upon connection of hybrid receiving equipment to Internet or in an application “Tricolor Kino I TV” on smartphones, tablets or Smart TV. Also the operator provides access to the service “Satellite Internet” and the service “Smart Home”. By the results of 2019 the operator’s general base was 12.230 million households, including 10 million HDTV subscribers.

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