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Tricolor Trademark Recognized World-Renowned

26 Января 2021

Pursuant to Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property) decision dated December 28, 2020, the brand applies to satellite signal receivers and satellite television broadcasting.

Tricolor has ratified its national operator status — the Federal Service for Intellectual Property has recognized the trademark belonging to the company as world-renowned. This category provides indefinite legal protection making further use of either Tricolor name or logo in other areas of activity impossible, and it grants the exclusive rights for the trademark distribution in all categories of the International Classification of Goods and Services to the copyright holder.

When making the decision, the Board of Federal Service for Intellectual Property relied, in particular, on the conclusion of the sociological expertise laboratory of the Federal Scientific Research Sociological Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, which testifies to high level of Tricolor recognition in Russia.

The results of survey of 2,200 respondents showed that the majority (97 percent) of them tend to associate Tricolor brand with satellite television receiving equipment, as well as satellite television broadcasting (96 percent). About one third of those surveyed have purchased goods and services under Tricolor brand.

As of January 2021, there have been about 800 thousand trademarks in Russia, of which 223 are world-renowned. Thus, about 1 out of 3,5 thousand brands becomes world-renowned. Apart from Tricolor, the list includes such companies as Gazprom, Sberbank (Sber), VTB, Russian Railways, Yandex, etc.

“Tricolor appeared in the telecom market more than 15 years ago, and today we have more than 12 million clients. More than 90 percent of clients surveyed know Tricolor as the nation's largest satellite operator. Currently we are actively promoting other products of the company — Tricolor streaming service, smart home, and satellite Internet, to be used by our clients. The company's new services will also be launched under the Tricolor brand,” – commented Andrei Nesterov, Tricolor Deputy Director General for Strategy and Development.


Tricolor is a multiplatform operator developing a single information space of entertainment and services for the entire family in Russia, such space being accessible from any device, anywhere at any time. Along with TV which can be watched either via satellite and online, the operator offers to its clients cutting-edge digital services and options which include streaming services, smart home, video surveillance and satellite Internet. At the end of 3rd quarter of 2020, Tricolor's total base amounted to 12.206 million households, including 10 million HDTV subscribers, and more than 185 thousand UHD clients. Number of the Internet project users — 1.2 million. In terms of the number of users, Tricolor is the leader among pay-TV operators in the Eastern Europe.

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