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Tricolor will be the first in Russia to show modern Brazilian TV novels

30 Марта 2022

Two new series will air on Romantichnoye TV channel during 2022. This became possible thanks to a cooperation agreement with the Brazilian studio Globo. It is widely known to Russian viewers from the TV hits “Isaura: Slave Girl” and “Clone”.

For the first time on Russian television, the series “Mother’s Love” and “Rules of the Game” will be shown in an exclusive Tricolor voiceover. Modern TV novels cannot be called “soap operas”: they move away from the stereotypical portrayal of romantic relationships but remain focused on the female audience. The projects to be shown on Romantichnoye involve the performers of the lead roles from the cult series “Clone”. Giovanna Antonelli can be seen in “Rules of the Game” and Murilo Benicio in “Mother’s Love”.

“Mother’s Love” raises the problem of social inequality through the example of three women experiencing maternal drama. The fates of Lourdes who lost a child, Thelma who is a widow, and Vitoria who dreams of pregnancy, are deviously intertwined.

In the detective story “Rules of the Game”, Romero Romulus, a former deputy, finds himself at the center of intrigue and gangster squabbles. He works as a specialist for social integration of former criminals, and meets two women: the unjustly convicted Toya, who needs Romero’s help, and Athena, who craves money and power of the hero.

“Movies and TV series are the area of entertainment in which our client can experience new emotions, take a break from everyday life and see the affinity between human stories unfolding around the globe. The Romantichnoye channel has one of the most loyal audiences, and Tricolor is honored to be the first in Russia to show its subscribers high-quality Brazilian novelties. The series “Mother’s Love” will be available for watching on the air of Romantichnoye TV channel starting from April 28, 21:00. As to the “Rules of the Game” series, we are currently working on its localization and preparing for its premiere this summer. For the most devoted fans of Brazilian novellas, I would like to point out that both series will be aired online ahead of schedule on Tricolor Cinema & TV,” says Marina Gasparyan, Director for Content Production at Tricolor.

Earlier, two successful Russian premieres took place on Romantichnoye TV channel: the melodrama series “Windy” and the historical drama “Establishment: Osman”. Both Turkish-produced projects were voiced specifically for Tricolor viewers.

The Romantichnoye channel is available on satellite, as well as at the website kino.tricolor.tv and in the Tricolor Cinema & TV application for mobile devices and Smart TV. The channel can also be watched on internet-connected hybrid receivers and TV Boxes.

Tricolor is a multiplatform operator that develops a shared information space of entertainment and services for the entire family accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Along with TV that can be watched both via the satellite and in the Internet, the operator offers its clients cutting-edge digital services including online services, smart houses, CCTV monitoring and satellite Internet. Following the results of 2021, the total base of Tricolor amounted to 12.261 million households, including over 10.4 million clients that use the HD compliant equipment. The company has over 681 thousand 4K customers, and the number of unique users of the Tricolor Cinema & TV online service is 1.7 million.

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