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Tricolor is more than linear television

15 august

On August 15, 2018 National satellite company, NJSC, the largest digital television operator in Russia, makes public the Tricolor brand with an updated logo. Linear television becomes just a part of the Tricolor brand. Changes in positioning reflected the company’s strategy of creating a multi-platform operator of the digital environment offering a single information space for entertainment and services for the entire family, accessible from any device, anywhere and at any time.

Having entered the market in 2005, Tricolor made satellite TV available to all residents of Russia. Throughout its history, Tricolor has evolved responding flexibly to the growing demands of consumers and the market, offering its customers the advanced solutions to ensure high-quality services. For example, Tricolor was the first to broadcast in ultra-high definition format and to include a package of TV channels in UHD in the broadcast. It also was the first to launch satellite broadcasting of radio stations. Today, the operator is the leader of the domestic pay TV market with a subscriber base of more than 12 million households.

At the end of 2017, Tricolor announced a change in the company’s business strategy — the transformation from a linear television operator into a multi-platform and multi-medium operator of the digital environment. The basis for the new development paradigm rests on the change in the model of the content consumption, as well as the transition of the audience to a digital lifestyle. The company’s main product today is a unified offer of digital services, including TV viewing. Tricolor has shaped a new type of operator for the Russian market which takes into account the main trends of development in the sector and seeks to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

The brand updating is a consistent step opening a new chapter in the history of the company’s development. The slogan «Tricolor. Your digital environment operator» reflects the changed business model within which the operator will continue to implement innovations, develop the accessibility of complex digital and high-tech services.

«Tricolor is the choice of millions of people over the years. Therefore, the brand updating for us is a well-considered decision and a great responsibility to the consumer. Our updated trademark which now lacks the letters TV, became more modern and expressive yet retaining recognizability and familiar colors. The brand has acquired a more flexible form which can change along with the company’s business development. In the near future, we plan to introduce new services that will expand our customers’ access to the digital environment».
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