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Tricolor TV — about results of the past year and plans for the future

19 march 2014

At the end of 2014 the Russian operator Tricolor TV summed up results of its work in the past 2013. According to the data of Brinish analytical agency IHS Technology, it became the biggest in Europe satellite TV provider, having won leading positions in the European Pay TV market by the number of paying subscribers and by launching of a number of additional services, including the package of its own HDTV channels of premium films.

From 2013 increase of the complete subscribers’ base of the operator was 2.2 mio households, and by the end of December 2013 the number of its active subscribers reached 10.1 mio (three European leaders by this parameter also include BSkyB and Sky Italia with 9.8 and 4.8 mio subscribers respectively). Altogether the subscribers’ base of Tricolor TV reached the level of 14.1 mio of subscribers, and the annual proceeds have increased by 28% and amounted to 8.1 bln Roubles. It is notable that 85.8% of income in the profit structure of the final year related to the main service, and 14.2% — to additional services, although last reporting (2012) year this ratio was different: 88 and 12% respectively. Undoubtedly, growth of the second indicator was facilitated by launch of the new additional services: «Detskyi», «Muzikalnyi», «Nash Football» in HD format, «Zolotaya karta. Vse vklyucheno». Besides, Tricolor TV has launched the premium package of film TV channels «SuperKino HD» — exclusive film premieres from the biggest world producers of the film content, e.g. the last film and the biggest box-office hit of Bondiana — «Skyfall».

High definition television (HDTV) «Tricolor TV Full HD» has been in high and stable demand since its launch into commercial operation in August 2012. By the end of the year, 25 TV channels of the first HD multiplex of Tricolor TV were available for 3.1 mio. owners of HD equipment.

One more «driver» of the growth of the number of connections is the second DV multiplex of Tricolor TV which includes 18 main Russian TV channels with improved broadcasting quality.

It is notable that the most active audience are the users of receivers supporting HDTV format. In this connection, plans of the company for 2014 include conduction jointly with the technological partner GS Group Holding of the trade-in program — exchange of equipment of earlier models for receivers supporting HD. This will allow subscribers of Tricolor TV to view twice as much TV channels, including over two dozens of TV channels in HDTV format. The extra charge within this action will be not more than 50% of the conditional value of purchase of the new set.

We would also want to note that with the recent appearance of GS 6301 receiver with PVR and TimeSchift functions in the list of recommended equipment, the delayed viewing service has already become available for the operator’s subscribers.

As for other plans, representatives of Tricolor TV told about them at the past CSTB’2014 Exhibition. In 2014 the operator plans to launch a number of additional services, in particular new thematic packages «a la carte» and a special mobile application — a content navigator: search throughout the entire content base, filtration of TV programs and TV channels, profiling of TV viewing, viewing history, etc.

Besides, already in March 2014, in connection with launching of KA «Express-AT1», it is planned to develop a package of HD TV channels, as well as «Tricolor TV-Siberia» project. Over 140 TV and radio channels will be available for residents of Siberian region, including over two dozens of HD TV channels, additional services will appear, including the satellite «Radiopaket».

It should be also noted that besides expansion of the services provided to the subscribers, the operator constantly takes care of the broadcasting quality improvement. Thus, since 7 February 2014, as a result of test increase of information transmission speed on two transponders — SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition), the broadcasting quality on them has improved by 7.6 and 18.5% respectively.

These changes are to raise the image refinement, which will become especially noticeable when watching subjects with high dynamics, e.g. sports competitions. Increase of broadcasting quality of TV channels is connected with the scheduled preventive maintenance, in the course of which software of encoders of the soft hardware complex of the operator is updated. In the process of work, updated parameters of digital image processing filers were used in the complex settings, which increased the broadcasted video quality on the whole. Optimization of used additional services resulted in increase of stability and fault-tolerance of the complex.

According to CTO of Tricolor TV Igor Kotsarev, broadcasting quality of TV channels in the first HD multiplex of Tricolor TV corresponds to the best world standards.

Igor Kotsarev
CTO, Tricolor TV
We do not save on the image quality, and our users can fully enjoy advantages of HDTV.
We do not save on the image quality, and our users can fully enjoy advantages of HDTV.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the operator’s content policy for 2014 envisages obligatory presence of all thematic groups in the main package of TV channels: info channels, All-Russian, entertainment, cognitive, educational, films and series, informational, children’s regional, musical, sports, TV shops. Besides, Tricolor TV will expand the line of additional thematic packages consisting of popular TV channels. And also, as said before, it will develop a mobile application in order to make viewing of TV programs more comfortable for subscribes.

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