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Tricolor TV acted as co-organizer of «HD Drone Racing Champions Cup»

5 Мая 2016

Tricolor TV has become one of organizers of «HD Drone Racing Champions Cup», which took place from 29 November 2016 to 1 December 2016 at VDNH (Moscow).

From 29 November2016 to 1 December 2016 «HD Drone Racing Champions Cup» was held at VDNH in Moscow. This year the tournament gathered over 60 applications of participants from Byelorussia, Russia, Finland and France, out of whom 20 pilots fought for the Cup. The tournament took place in Moscow, on the area of one of VDNH Pavilions.

Within the framework of fighting for the Cup, the pilots had to cover one of the most complicated routes: 320 meters long with «hills», «pipes», turns and other unique elements. This year the process of the race was assessed by the parameters comparable with indicators of Formula-1 race, and video from the participating drones was transmitted online to big screens in digital HD quality.

The tournament winner and the Cup holder in individual competition was Ilya Volkov, the best in group competition were participants of «Saturn» team (pilots: Alexander Sorokin, Evgeny Bufetchikov; pit stop engineer: Ruslan Temnov).

The total prize fund of the Cup was 2 mln. Rubles. Each of four winners received a special present from Tricolor TV: a set of equipment for viewing digital satellite television and the company vest.

The large-scale All-Russian video contest «Russia in the eyes of drones» organized by the biggest provider of satellite television Tricolor TV jointly with NP GLONASS and Life TV channel was announced at the event. The project was developed with the purpose to popularize modern video filming technologies in Russia. Any person interested can take part in it. To do this, it is sufficient for the person to create a video with sights of his/her city or any other picturesque place of our motherland with the help of a drone and to post it from 1 December 2016 to 1 February 2017 at the website: dron.tricolor.tv. Every week the best video will be shown on the air of the news program at Life TV channel and at Infochannel of Tricolor TV. Winners will be determined on the basis of viewers’ voting and awarded at the biggest event in the field of high technologies SMIT 2017.

Within the framework of the event, Tricolor TV also organized master class for mass media representatives, where each participant could try himself/herself in a role of a pilot of a modern drone and to receive it as a present.

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