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Tricolor TV: Events and Figures of 2017 in Detail

30 january

This year Tricolor TV continued developing non-linear TV viewing programs, launching a number of additional services. Taking into account the degree of availability of internet services in the regions, Tricolor TV will pay special attention to developing non-linear services, which do not require online access. The new flagship product, Best on Television, was introduced in October 2017. The goal of the product is to provide users with navigation tools across the great variety of television content. The new service will select and record the content in most demand on TV channels offered by Tricolor TV, and class it into convenient genre categories. Even when the subscriber is late for the beginning of the program, he or she can watch it later via the Best on TV service. The video is recorded onto the receiver if it has in-built memory, or onto the external memory card. The records are renewed automatically, however, the user can save the video he or she likes and put together their own video library. The operator has also continued developing yet another non-linear service based on satellite technologies – Cinema Halls service. As of the end of 2017, the service already had some 7 million subscribers.

The Online TV service was launched in the fall, giving internet access to more than 200 TV channels. The service allows to use the same receiver in your city apartment, or on your dacha, provided that you have internet access. By the end of 2017, some 3 million subscribers will be able to use the service. Additionally, in November, as part of a comprehensive digital service, Tricolor TV offered the residents of the Far East such services as TV Archive (archive of all TV channels for a period of up to 7 days), and Watch from the Beginning (that allows the viewer to watch the program from the beginning regardless of when he or she actually tuned in. The new functions will allow the subscriber to manage his or her TV viewing, which will make the process considerably more convenient.

Additionally, the operator is continuing to develop multi-screen viewing. A total of 7.3 million Tricolor TV subscribers have already signed up for multi-screen viewing option as of the end of this year.

The goal of Tricolor TV is to provide high-quality TV viewing to all their subscribers. Since 2016 the operator has been working on transferring their broadcasts from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4. As part of the program, the subscribers were offered to exchange their old equipment for new equipment with MPEG-2 support on improved conditions. In 2017 the subscribers who bought new equipment were given an opportunity to take part in the filming of the Wheel of Fortune, and win one of 12 apartments within the Win an Apartment in St. Petersburg program. On February 1, 2018, provision of services in the MPEG-2 format will be discontinued. To remind our readers, since 2014 Tricolor TV has been working with its technological partners to implement a program on exchange of receiver equipment for new devices that support the HD format. The program allows to improve the quality of TV viewing and increase the number of available channels by six times. Since the beginning of the program, the equipment was exchanged by more than 5 million users.

Tricolor TV also offered its subscribers unlimited high-speed satellite internet accesses for just 990 RUB a month. This is a unique proposition for Russia. Satellite Internet, a bilateral internet access offer, was launched in 2016 in partnership with Eutelsat Networks. As of the end of 2017, the number of users of Tricolor TV satellite internet reached 3,000.

The operator regularly updates content, paying special attention to development of own TV channels. In 2017, Tricolor TV settled contracts with such major international companies as SONY and Paramount, adding 370 popular films and new feature films to the collection. By the end of the year, the company signed a contract with Warner Brothers, expanding their content proposal even further. The company also worked on the offer of UHD channel package. Last year Tricolor TV carried out rebranding of own Tricolor TV Ultra HD channel, launching two new channels instead: Film UHD and TV Series UHD. Another addition to the Ultra HD channel offer was Russian Extreme Ultra TV Channel. As of December 31, 2017, Tricolor TV offers its subscribers a total of 307 channels including 46 TV channels in HD format and 6 in UHD format, as well as 47 radio stations.

The B2B segment has become yet another important aspect in the work of the operator in 2017. In one year the operator managed to more than double the number of legal entities among its clients. The main growth drivers were flexible personified customer relation policy, improved package options, including launching a sport TV package, as well as formation of a flexible tariff plan for corporate users and a Satellite Internet service. One of the key events of the year was the launch of the unique service: Tricolor TV Territory in partnership with Eutelsat. The operator’s corporate clients now can arrange free access to popular Tricolor TV channels on their territory. To gain access, viewers just need to log onto the Wi-Fi network, download the free Watch TV application, open it on their mobile device and select the TV channel they want. This service will be provided free of charge. This will allow viewers to pass time while waiting for their cup of coffee, their train or plane, or their doctor’s appointment. Tricolor TV’s corporate customers will therefore significantly improve their clients’ level of satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition to launching new products, the operator also worked on developing social projects, including “Time for Victory with Tricolor TV”, which motivates Russian citizens to do sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Tricolor TV also continued implementing “Master of Good Deeds” social program which had started in 2013. Tricolor TV equipment for receiving high-quality digital television programs was installed in social institutions of the Krasnodar Krai and the Astrakhan Region. In 2018, the operator intends to continue with both these projects.

In 2017, the operator won the COMNEWS AWARD “for developing innovative digital technologies in Russia and forming the digital lifestyle culture.”

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