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Tricolor TV Grows Faster than European Operators

20 december 2016

In 2016 Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, demonstrated the highest rate of the subscriber base growth in Europe amid the general slowdown of the Pay TV global market.

The subscriber base of Tricolor TV increased by 130 thousand households in the 3rd quarter of 2016 while the compound growth of Sky, another satellite operator, was 106 thousand clients in entire Europe (with account for 49 thousand in Germany and Austria). This follows from the data published by the Informative Multiscreen Index on 16 December. The research notes that the high growth rates enabled Tricolor TV «to raise its total subscriber base to 12 million».

On the whole the research of the Informative Multiscreen Index shows a small decline of the commercial TV growth rate in the world. In the 3rd quarter of 2016 3.45 mln. subscribers were connected to the operators’ services while a year before this indicator was 3.74 mln. Almost 74% of new connections accounted for developing countries of the Asian Pacific region, with the growth in Europe amounting to modest 650 ths. subscribers.

Satellite television is still one of the most sought-after areas of television development. The research notes the record drop of the number of subscribers of the U-verse service owned by American AT&T corporation (a classical triple-play service including BBA, IP telephony and IPTV) by 320 ths. users; at the same time the number of subscribers of DirecTV satellite operator owned by the same corporation increased by 323 ths.

It should be also recalled that in November Tricolor TV was also announced the most innovative operator of Europe receiving the Eutelsat TV Awards for the «comprehensive» multiplatform strategy designed to raise the TV viewing level in Russia.

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