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Tricolor TV has approved the uniform tariff

21 january 2015

The largest Russian Pay TV operator Tricolor TV introduces a new «Edinyi» package, which unifies the main service of the provider.

On 26 January 2015 the main service «Edinyi» will become available for all subscribers of Tricolor TV instead of the packages «Optimum», «Super-Optimum», «Maximum HD» and «Super Maximum HD». The «Edinyi» rate will allow to view 28 HD- and over 153 SD TV channels depending on the broadcasting format supported by the subscriber’s equipment. Tricolor TV is an absolute leader of HD TV viewing in Russia. This step is continuation of implementation of the operator’s strategy on transfer to the new standard of modern television/*

The «Edinyi» package is valid for subscribers throughout the entire territory of Russia regardless of the region of residence. The package is valid both for new connections and for subscription renewal. The said amount of payments is available for all subscribers except for users of the «Multiroom» service (sets for two TV sets).

«Technology is developing, our content offer is improved every year, — Director for Sales and Subscriber Service of Tricolor TV Alexey Karpov comments — Bu introduction of „Edinyi“, we normalize our tariff policy and encourage those who are ready to get to the qualitatively new level of TV viewing. Today we see that in the market there is a certain number of subscribers who still watch 50 TV channels, who are used to the image quality corresponding to the standards of ten years’ prescription. Tricolor TV is not ready to remain a provider of the old television and makes everything for transferring to the other TV viewing system. Continuing to support broadcasting in all formats, we strive for transferring subscribers to the new standard of television».

The «Edinyi» can be paid via ATMs and terminals of «Sberbank of Russia», at branches of «Post of Russia», at communication offices and retail chains, by means of mobile services, payment terminals, e-purses, at the operator’s website tricolor.tv with the help of bank cards. In his/her Personal Cabinet at tricolor.tv website, the subscriber can always see the number of the remaining days of subscription for the main and other services of the operator. At the end of 2014 Personal Cabinet was updated, which made the work with this service more convenient.

* A subscriber may be offered participation in the joint program of equipment exchange from Tricolor TV and its technology partner — GS Group Holding. Within the program, active subscribers and those who earlier purchased sets for viewing Tricolor TV are given the possibility to exchange receivers of MPEG-2 standard for equipment supporting HD format on special conditions.

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