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«Tricolor TV» has entered Guinness World Records

25 april 2016

The largest Russian digital TV operator «Tricolor TV» in the presence of the official adjudicator of Guinness World Records has set a record for making «The Longest Line of Bird Nest Boxes». The event was held on April 23 in Moscow, at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, within the All-Russian environmental project «Let’s Help Birds Together!».

The large-scale installation made of 4,000 nest boxes also included birdhouses painted in the styles of TV channels and print media — partners and friends of «Tricolor TV».

The record was fixed by Lena Kuhlmann, adjudicator of Guinness World Records, expert from the organization’s office in Hambourg. The length of the mentioned line was measured by the professional engineer; a laser rangefinder was also used for such measurement. Based on the measurement activity which has lasted about three hours, it has been found that the length of the line of nest boxes exceeds 1,124.3 meters, that is an absolute record. In particular, this is proved by the Guinness World Records certificate which was solemnly handed by Lena Kuhlmann to Alexey Kholodov, General Director of «Tricolor TV».

After the official part of the ceremony, TV channel and media representatives have installed their branded record-making birdhouses at the Tricolor TV Partner Alley. The entertainment program for the participants included also ebru workshop session, balloon twisting, segway races, gyroscooter workshop session, TV remote control tossing and a host of other things.

The exhibition «Tricolor TV Partner Alley» at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy will be available for visiting until the end of May 2016.

This record-making event became the culminating point of the marketing promotional event «Turn on Spring with Tricolor TV» held by the operator from February 15 to June 10, 2016. The promotional event is supported by 242 Sales and Maintenance Centers and Brand Showrooms of «Tricolor TV» throughout the Russian Federation and covers the whole operator’s dealer network. Within the first stage of the promotional event, the subscribers who participated in the replacement events, purchased the satellite TV receiving set, and connected to the network of «Tricolor TV» or paid for the «Edinyi»/«Edinyi Multi» service, get nest boxes with the operator’s brand marks. To participate in the second stage, it is necessary to make the participant’s self picture in front of his or her installed birdhouse and to upload this picture to the promo page of the event. First 10,000 participants uploading their pictures get 6 months of viewing TV channels of the «Edinyi» package as a gift. In accordance with the forecast, at least 150,000 subscribers may participate in this event.

The promotional event «Turn on Spring with Tricolor TV» is held within the project «Let’s Help Birds Together!» supported by the Russian Bird Conservation Union. The main purpose of this project is to draw attention to the reduction of populations of small species of birds living in a man-made landscape.

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