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Tricolor TV has purchased Great Films from Warner Bros

5 february

Tricolor TV, the major Russian Pay TV operator, has signed the contract to license the content for its own movie TV channels with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution.

Under this agreement Tricolor TV has licensed around 200 titles for TV channels «Kinopremium HD» and «Ostrosyujetnoe HD» on a basic pay, non-exclusive basis. Tricolor TV subscribers will have access to a variety of popular movies and franchises such as The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Troy, 300 Spartans, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes and many others. Also the operator was granted basic pay, non-exclusive rights to some of the DC Universe films: Superman Returns, Green Lantern, Catwoman and other movies based on popular comics.

Jeffrey R. Schlesinger
President of Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution
We are pleased to have concluded this deal with Tricolor TV which will give millions of fans in Russia access to some of our feature films titles.
Olga Molostvova
Tricolor TV programming director
It’s important for us to make the offer that would meet expectations and demands of our subscribers. Thanks to our own telemetry system, we know preferences of our audience. That’s why the development of our TV channels is one of the major outlines of Tricolor content policy. Latest first-runs and modern classic of World Cinema — that’s what our audience likes. In light of this we are determined to retain the volume of quality foreign content at high level although some channels have announced the drawdown of purchasing. The agreement with Warner Bros. and obtaining a part of its strong library of films allows us to provide our audience with entertaining top content, that will guarantee a plenty of pleasant family home evenings for our subscribers.

To recap, in 2017 within the framework its own TV channels development Tricolor TV has signed contracts with major companies — Sony Entertainment and Paramount Pictures. It provided the extended package of content for operator’s own TV channels by more than 350 popular films and TV first-runs. 

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