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«Tricolor TV» has started 6 television channels made in Russia

7 september 2015

Largest Russian digital TV provider «Tricolor TV» has opened new television season, on September 1 six Russia thematic television channels started.

On September 1 the basic service of «Tricolor TV» —«Edinyi» package — was amended by 5 television channels: «Russkyi detectiv», «Zhivaya planeta», «Techno 24», WBC (World Business Channel) and «Muzhskoye kino». One more television channel — ANI — is a part of «Detskyi» package.

Taking into account the television channels «Russkyi detectiv», «Zhivaya planeta», «Techno 24» and ANI the number of the television channels distributed by LLC «Signal Media» — a leader in the market of distribution of thematic channels in Russia, — in «Tricolor TV» network has made 14.

«Russkyi detectiv» (Russian detective) — round-the-clock television channel with a wide range of Russian detective films and series: screen versions of well-known novels and criminal action movies, historical, spy and psychological crime stories («Kamenskaya», «Tayny sledstviya», «Ulitsy razbitykh fonarey», «Mentovskie voiny», «Pautina», «Pepel», «Otdel S.S.S.R.», «Pozyvnoy «Staya», etc.). It also shows about 1000 hours of premieres from leading film studios and movie companies of Russia.

«Zhivaya planeta» (Live planet) — first Russian television channel about wildlife with own production facilities. Expeditions and own materials, best foreign and domestic documentary films about nature and animals of Russia and the planet. The television channel includes such projects as «Fauna with Nikolay Drodzov», «Far East leopard. Struggle for taiga throne», «Animal reporter», «Red book», «Planet of cats» and other.

«Techno 24» — popular scientific informative television channel for men. The television channel tells about powerful technics, civil weapon, complex technologies, developments of the Russian engineers and designers in the field of defense industry complex.

ANI — new children television channel of world animation, which programs selection is made in view of interests of Russian audience and specific Russian viewers. It is made for the audience at the age of 6-12 years. In 2015 the television channel will show more than 700 hours of animation: «Smurfs», «Peppa Pig», «Angry birds». Besides Аni will show new cartoon series, many of them will be new for Russian viewers. Some of them are — «Adventures of Tajo» (South Korea), «Octonauts» (USA-Ireland-Great Britain), «Skyland» (Canada-France), «Katya and Mime Mime» (Canada).

WBC (World Business Channel) is Russian information television channel for businessmen. WBC will show interviews, analytical, publicist and discussion programs. The television channel makes only high-quality content in HD format, interesting to adult audience. More than 90% of its content is made in Russia. WBC content includes programs of 3 basic directions: business, sports and lifestyle.

«Muzhskoye kino» (Men’s cinema) — is created on the basis of «Interesting cinema» television channel. After rebranding it is addressed, first of all, to men’s audience, which prefers action movies. Daily and round the clock television channel will show movies of the last decade: crime stories, action-movies and thrillers made by world famous film companies. Every day — premiere of new films. Viewers of the channel will watch the movies made by the leading world movie companies — Warner Bros, BBC, Touchstone Pictures, etc.

Television channels are accessible to subscribers living in KA Eutelsat 36A/36B coverage zone and using MPEG-4 format receiving equipment.

Television channels «Russkyi detectiv» and ANI are accessible to the provider’s subscribers in Siberia and Ural (KA «Eхpress-At1» broadcasting zone).

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