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Tricolor TV Introduces Journalists to Media Behind the Scene

21 november 2017

Tricolor TV, the largest Russian supplier of digital TV content, held a game for journalists, entitled «Content Matters» on November 16, 2017.

The event program consisted of two parts. As an introduction, the guests were introduced to the foreign content market review and the basic principles behind the content policy of Tricolor TV. Presenting these reports were Director General Alexey Kholodov and Content Director Mikhail Goryachev, as well as Andrey Kholodnyi, Deputy Director General of Development of Non-Linear Services. After the speeches by top managers of the operator company mass media representatives could apply their newly acquired skills in practice, playing the game entitled «Content Matters.» The game was specially created by Tricolor TV in cooperation with leading designers of online games.

The journalists could try the role of the Content Director and held a friendly discussion of strategic approaches to content policy and the preferences of Russian TV viewers.

The event entitled «Content Matters» was held in Moscow, in Scenario Cafe.

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