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Tricolor TV launches a website «Time of victories with Tricolor TV»

7 august 2017

The largest Russian operator of digital television «Tricolor TV» announces the official launch of the website pobeda.tricolor.tv (16+) on sports socially oriented project «time of victories with «Tricolor TV».

The user can access all publications on sports events, which are supported and organized by the operator, information about the participation regarding special conditions, pictures and reports held in 2017 with the assistance of «Tricolor TV» runs: the Second Pskov marathon and XXVIII International athletic marathon of «TRICOLOR TV White nights».

For readers interested in both amateur and professional level healthy lifestyle, there is a section of «Live healthy». The section contains a high-quality selection of exclusive articles prepared on the basis of materials of scientific and scientific-popular publications, publications of honored biologists, physicians and medical journalists, data provided by WHO, CPS, etc., as well as interviews with experts in the field of sports, nutrition, medicine, and biotechnology.

We remind that the realization of all- the Russian social-sports project «Victories with «Tricolor TV» is aimed at the popularization of healthy lifestyle, started in 2017. A large-scale project involves series of events to promote sports development, setting new records and raising the level of the largest sporting events in the country, as well as educational activities, including the development of series of social advertising.

Being the largest national operator «Tricolor TV» sees its task to promote the formation of culture of healthy lifestyle among Russians. This approach allows not only effectively manage their time and resources of the organism, but also changes a person for the better. As a result, it formed a healthy and successful society.

«The time of victories with «Tricolor TV» — this is not the first social project of the operator, for many years pay attention to environmental, cultural, sports and charity work.

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