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Tricolor TV Launches Online TV

6 september 2017

On September 6, 2017 Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, is launching a new platform of Internet broadcasting in test operation. At the first stage of introduction of the Online TV service the operator’s subscribers will be able to watch television channels both via a satellite and Internet. Before the end of the year the service will be already supplemented with new possibilities and the number of the subscribers for which it will be accessible will increase up to 5 mln Russian families.

Tricolor TV will supplement satellite television broadcasting with Internet broadcasting. From 6 September the operator starts test operation of the Online TV service which will become accessible for owners of new generation satellite receivers. The Online TV service targets operator’s subscribers and is provided free if active subscription to the basic Ediny service is available. At the stage of test operation Tricolor TV subscribers will get access to 100 television channels, including a number of television channels of additional packages formerly accessible under paid subscription only.

The Online TV service will allow switching from satellite broadcasting to Internet viewing at the user’s option. In case if the receiver is used not at the place of permanent residence (in the country house, for example), the new functional will also allow picking up the equipment and watching one’s favorite television channels at home. To use the new service one will just need to connect the receiver to Internet and install the latest version of the software. The recommended Internet connection rate is 5 Mbit/sec.

In the test service operation mode the subscriber will be able to watch television channels via Internet; however, at the second stage of the introduction this autumn the Online TV users will already get a number of options expanding the possibilities of television viewing considerably.

As of September 2017, the technical coverage of the service is about 3 mln households. The list of the models of the satellite receivers ensuring technical access to the new service will be extended by the beginning of the next year from 13 to 21. Trial operation of the Online TV service is scheduled for IV quarter 2017.

The launch of online broadcasting opens up fundamentally new opportunities of stream media for the 12-million audience of Tricolor TV. The National Satellite Company is already negotiating acquisition of the rights to movies and TV series which will be accessible to millions of the operator’s subscribers within the basic subscription or a la carte. Thus, owing to accessibility of the operator’s services the new service of Tricolor TV will boost real development of the market of legal video in Russia throughout the territory of the country.

The new service has been specially created for Tricolor TV subscribers and takes account of the changed model of consumption of television content. Being the leader of the Russian market Tricolor TV has developed the solution which will make television viewing still more convenient and personified for every subscriber. Almost 3 mln of our subscribers already own receiving equipment allowing use of Online TV. By the end of the year we will increase both the service functional and the number of the subscriber for whom it will be accessible up to 5 mln households. This number of users will become a powerful driver for further development of the digital market in Russia.
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