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Tricolor TV launches the Tricolor Online service

4 july

On the second of July, 2018 Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, starts its new Tricolor Online service granting the subscribers the opportunity of both watching TV and using interactive and game services without installing the satellite dish.

Subscribers of Tricolor Online service obtain the access to more than 100 TV-channels, interactive services and options of managing the TV-watching: TV-Archive, Watch from the Beginning, Teleguide and Best on TV as well as to variety of games and applications. Using all these functions doesn’t require the satellite dish installation — the abovementioned advantages are accessible for subscribers owing the interactive receiving equipment connected to Internet provided by any operator.

The service is available within the territory of Russian Federation, the annual subscription including the channel package costs 2000 rubles. The subscribers can use the receivers with Ethernet port they already have to use the new service. The receivers keeping with OTT-services can be purchased from the authorized dealers of Tricolor TV or in the operator’s online store.

The online television promotion is one of the lines of new development strategy, intending the shifting from linear TV operator to digital lifestyle operator. Tricolor Online service is the another step in composing the high tech and modern digital offer by the leader of pay TV market longing to make the high-quality TV watching and the number of desired extra services accessible.

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