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«Tricolor TV» looks up to global HDTV market

24 july 2015

Three years ago, July 24, 2012, the largest Russian satellite TV provider started commercial broadcasting of HD-television channel package. Over the past three years «Tricolor TV» has connected 5,3 million households to high definition TV and ranked fourth among global Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite telecasting companies if to talk about a number of HD-subscribers.

«Tricolor TV» considers the direction more than perspective. According to the sales and user service director of «Tricolor TV» Alexey Karpov, «high definition TV is recognized global trend, and the main criterion of provider’s success in the modern global market is the number of HD-subscribers».

For this criterion «Tricolor TV» now is ranked fourth among global satellite providers (DirecTV — 15,2 million, DishNetwork — 10 million, BskyB — 5,3 million — according to IHS Technology, January 2015). And many providers say that they ready to use only HD-broadcasting. For example DirecTV is planning to use HDTV for all of his users in 2016.

«Tricolor TV» also plans that in 2017 its users will be 100% HD. Let us remember, that «Tricolor TV» is the only Russian provider which basic service («Edinyi» package) includes more than 30 HD channels* of various genre. In the spring of 2015 «Edinyi» package was reinforced by four bonus film channels made by «Tricolor TV» («KinoPremium HD», «Semeynoye HD» (Family HD), «Nashe HD» (Our HD) and «Ostrosyuzhetnoye HD» (Action HD), sports channels (KHL TV HD) and musical channels (iConcerts HD). HD-television channels are also included in all additional packages of the provider.

* Available to provider subscribers living in a zone of Eutelsat 36A/Eutelsat 36B satellite broadcasting.

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