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Tricolor TV moves to a new office

6 june 2017

In May 2017, the largest Russian digital television operator Tricolor TV began operating a new office building in St. Petersburg. The building of business center of class «A» in area of 5,17 thousand square meters purchased by NSC National Satellite Company is located on Moskovsky Prospekt was.

The eight storied house is the part of the Business Centre Fort Tower complex and was purchased with the purpose of improving the work environment of Tricolor TV. Again, in January 2015 the National Satellite Company carried out a re-registration and joined the tax accounting in St. Petersburg. As part of the company's transfer to St. Petersburg, it was decided to purchase its own office building. The deal was completed in December 2016.

The architectural style of the building — neoclassicism — features the lines of Stalin's Empire style, which is typical for many buildings on Moskovsky Prospekt. Interior design was created by one of the largest architectural bureaus of St. Petersburg. The internal space of the business center is equipped in Hi-Tech style and is organized as open space.

The office premises are located in the building which will be fully occupied by the staff of the operator. Renovation of working conditions will help to organize more effective interaction between different departments of the company and stimulate the employees’ business potential. The new office has all the conditions for work and rest, confirming the high standards of Tricolor TV corporate culture. In addition, the new office has significantly expanded technical capabilities for negotiations.

In addition to investing in the business sphere of the city the operator also implements a number of social projects in St. Petersburg. So, in 2016 with the participation of Tricolor TV the Singing Bridges project was created. In 2017 the operator supported the Open City and Book Salon programs. On July 9, the international marathon «TRICOLOR TV White Nights» will take place in the city.

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