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Tricolor TV Organized Internet Brunch for Dealers

28 february 2017

Within the frames of CSTB.Telecom&Media’2017 Tricolor TV, the major Russian operator of digital television, held a business brunch for dealers on 8 February.

A business brunch for dealers is a new format of communication with partners. This year the subject of the meeting was the relevant topic of work with Internet Forum. The primary purpose of the event is to tell about the planned reorganization of the forum, to get feedback on its work and to teach dealers to build up communication in Internet.

At the brunch the dealers were also able to learn about the structure of the forum. To meet and communicate with Tricolor TV specialists in charge of different issues and to share ideas and wishes for more productive further work.

The reorganization is supposed to change the forum positioning, to make it a place for business communication of representatives of authorized dealers, field-specific specialists of Tricolor TV, GS Group and NoLimit Electronics, to ensure effective communication between partners, to promptly identify and resolve problems arising in work with subscribers and services provision.

A new format of communication — Open Dialogue with the Top Manager — was tested at the branch. This format is expected to be introduced after reorganization of the forum.

The first Open Dialogue was with Aleksey Karpov, Sales and Subscriber Service Director. In an informal situation at the event the dealers discussed the issues of equipment exchange, tariffication, business processes. Work of internal services and the company’s plans of development of sales offices and the dealer network with the Sales and Subscriber Service Director.

The dealers also took part in the master class from a specialist in Internet communications, Cand. of Sc. (Pedagogics), Associate Professor, Professor of the Chair of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of MPSU Vladimir Pleshakov.

The Internet brunch for dealers was held in Moscow at Shore House yacht club and gathered 31 participants — Tricolor TV dealers and representatives of the partners of GS Group and NoLimit Electronics operator.

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