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«Tricolor TV» supports «Kinoproba» Children’s Film Festival

12 may 2016

«LIK» Children’s Academy of Cinema and Television, Family Center of Primorsky District and Administration of Primorsky District supported by the biggest Russian operator of digital television «Tricolor TV» organize «KINOPROBA» Festival which will take place on 14-15 May 2016 in St. Petersburg, in «Rodina» Cinema Center.

This is a bright and exciting Film Festival where directors, script writers, actors, make-up artists, cameramen are children! The whole year they have been devising, making, shooting, creating their cinema under the responsive guidance of professional teachers. And now the small film-makers are ready to present their works to the judgement of the jury. The jury consists of active actors, script writers, directors and film critics. They will view the children’s films and solemnly give well-deserved awards to the best of them.

«KINOPROBA» is a charitable festival, and its nominees are not only students of «LIK» Academy of Cinema and Television, but also children with disabilities from Family Center of Primorsky District of St. Petersburg. It became a good tradition of the Festival to involve in the shooting process those children who especially need attention. This event will help social and creative adaptation of the children, teach then to shoot cinema, help the children to disclose their directing, writing, acting talents, teach them to work in a team.

Goals of the event:

The Festival attracts attention of wide and professional audience to children’s cinema and creative work in the sphere of cinematograph, allows to extend possibilities in revealing talented children and displaying their creative potential.

«Kinoproba» Festival revives and develops children’s cinematograph.

The works will be presented at the Festival by:

  • - students of all Branches of «LIK» Academy of Cinema and Television, St. Petersburg;
  • - students of Branch of «LIK» Academy of Cinema and Television, Tyumen;
  • - students of «Anton is here nearby» Foundation, St. Petersburg;
  • - of Family Center of Primorsky District, jointly with «Lik» Academy;
  • - students of Youth House of Primorsky District.
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