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Tricolor TV takes care of safety

28 november 2016

On 18 November 2016 the biggest Russian provider of digital television launched the action «Be brighter with Tricolor TV», the purpose of which is helping subscribers to secure themselves and their children on the roads at the dark time.

From 18 November to 31 December 2016, all subscribers, who have fulfilled the action conditions, receive a nice present — a light-reflecting charm. To participate in the action, a subscriber must either take part in one of the existing equipment exchange actions or purchase a satellite television receipt set and connect to Tricolor TV, or pay for subscription for the basic or additional packages. The charms are issued on completion of any of the above acts in Tricolor TV sales offices.

An unnoticed pedestrian at the dark time is one of the prevailing causes of road accidents, especially in autumn and winter due to the short daylight hours and adverse weather conditions. According to the statistics of traffic police, if a pedestrian has a light-reflecting accessory/element on the clothes, the probability of such accident is reduced 6-8 times.

Detailed conditions and rules of the action «Be brighter with Tricolor TV» are posted at the website: www.tricolor.tv.

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