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Tricolor TV begins revolutionary updating of the main package

2 march 2015

The main content offer of the largest Russian Pay TV operator Tricolor TV will be increased by over 40%.

On 2 March 2015 the operator’s subscribers will gain access to the premium HD film channels of own production of Tricolor TV — «KinoPremium HD», «Semeynoye HD», «Ostrosujetnoye HD», «Nashe HD» — within the «Edinyi» package. And the price for the main service remains the same — 1200 Roubles per year.

The main purpose of this content solution is formation of the richest and most attractive business offer in the Russian market of Pay TV. The film channels, viewing of which was earlier limited and provided under additional subscription, now will become available for all 4.55 mio HD subscribers of «Tricolor TV».

Besides, the «Edinyi» package will include the unique film service «Kinozaly «Tricolor TV» (12 «screens»). Thus, the operator’s main service will altogether include over 40 film channels to everybody’s taste.

According to the market research, it is the film content that is mostly demanded by the audience. The desire to watch more quality films is expressed by about 72% of Russian TV viewers. Increase of the number of film channels is the first step on the way of expansion of the popular thematic TV channels line within the main service.

Starting from March 2015, the «Edinyi» package will comprise over two hundred channels of various directions and themes including 32 HD-channels. Tricolor TV plans to go on increasing the quality and quantity of its main product in order to create the content for its users as diverse as possible within the ordinary and prosaic commercial offer.

Let us remind you that the subscribers who want to increase the number of viewed TV channels, including the film channels «KinoPremium HD», «Semeynoye HD», «Ostrosujetnoe HD», «Nashe HD» need to use the function "Search of channels of Tricolor TV. Tricolor TV together with the technological partner GS Group offers the subscribers possessing the sets for reception of satellite signal not supporting standard HD, to take part in the large-scale program of equipment exchange for the prices not exceeding 50% of the market value of the equipment.

By increasing the number of channels within the main service of Tricolor TV, we form a new, revolutionary paradigm of TV viewing in the Russian market. To be more exact, it is about re-evolution of our main, mass package. Our subscribers gain access to expensive films, series, to our unique services. The new commercial offer of Tricolor TV, by its filling, is not inferior to the foreign analogues, and becomes an absolute leader in the Russian market, especially in the film content segment.
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