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Verified by us, approved by you: Tricolor launches Tricolor for Kids – a children’s services space

31 Мая 2022

Multiplatform operator Tricolor announces the launch of children’s services space Tricolor for Kids, to combine all children’s products of the operator, on June 1. Especially for the project, an inhouse team developed characters that the operator plans to use to create its own animated products in the future.

In 2021, Tricolor conducted two studies in which it found out that 40 % of the operator’s customers are families with children, and 69 % of them watch children’s content every day. Based on this data, the operator has decided to make access to the variety of children’s and family content even safer for children and more convenient for parents using a range of Tricolor products and services. These values were concisely articulated in the slogan of the Tricolor for Kids project: “Verified by us, approved by you”.

Safe environment includes all children’s products by the operator: a lot of content in scope of the main and additional services, children’s interface on the receivers, children’s remote control, video baby monitor, as well as a loyalty program, in which points can be spent on purchases in partner stores and the purchase of a subscription or a separate movie or series.

“About 6 million of our customers are young viewers. This is a large and very important part of Tricolor audience. We always attend to the needs of our audience, so the launch of Tricolor for Kids project was a response to the demand of young viewers and their parents for a safe and convenient environment to watch children’s content,” Marina Gasparyan, Director for Content Production at Tricolor, commented on the launch.

For visual communication, the operator’s creative team developed seven characters. Each of the characters has its own personality and hobbies, which makes it easy for most viewers to relate to them and become closer to the brand. Thus, the characters include a cute and kind lamb Becca; mischievous sportsman lion cub Yasha, the prototype of which was footballer Lev Yashin; little curious naturalist kitten Murik; fashion lover and star fox Lucy; creative handmade lover rabbit Nora; quiet, technical-minded dragon Zubba and the smallest, like the youngest child in the family, duck Utya.

In the future, Tricolor also plans to use these characters to create their own animated films, branded clothing, accessories, toys and stationery.

The launch of children’s services space “Tricolor for Kids” is symbolically scheduled for June 1 – International Children’s Day. In scope of the promo campaign, Tricolor will arrange big celebrations in June in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Yekaterinburg, and will fulfill the dream of the country’s main wizard – Ded Moroz from Veliky Ustyug, who always wanted to visit children in summer.

Schedule of events:

June 1 – Moscow, Dream Island Entertainment Park, 5 to 8 p.m;

June 5 – St. Petersburg, Peter Raduga Shopping and Entertainment Center, 2 to 5 p.m.;

June 16 – Kazan, KazanMall;

June 19 – Yekaterinburg, Karnaval shopping center.

Tricolor is a multiplatform operator that develops a shared information space of entertainment and services for the entire family accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Along with TV that can be watched both via the satellite and in the Internet, the operator offers its clients cutting-edge digital services including online services, smart houses, CCTV monitoring and satellite Internet. According to the results of Q1 2022, the total base of Tricolor amounted to 12.264 million households, including over 10.4 million clients that use the HD compliant equipment. The company has over 681 thousand 4K customers, and the number of unique users of the Tricolor Cinema & TV online service is 1.7 million. * The number of channels and content units is indicated as of April 28, 2022, and may differ depending on the broadcasting zone.

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