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“You’re in the game”: Tricolor awards the best initiatives in amateur sports

11 Апреля 2022

Tricolor actively supports initiatives aimed at popularizing Russian sports. It became a partner of the All-Russian Contest of Sports Projects “You’re in the Game”, which was created by ANO “National Priorities” with the support of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation under the federal project “Sport is the Norm of Life” of the “Demography” national project. As part of this contest, the multiplatform operator established a special nomination #OurSportHere, won by two projects at once.

The second season of the All-Russian Contest of Sports Projects “You’re in the Game” has completed. On April 6 and 7, the authors defended their initiatives in front of a panel of experts, and the winners in the main categories of the competition were determined. They will receive grants for the development of their projects in the amount of 300 thousand rubles, and the winner of the Grand Prix – 1 million rubles.

As part of the partnership, the Tricolor project “Our Sports” established a special nomination #OurSportHere, in which all contestants competed to win, regardless of the main nomination to which they applied.

Eventually, two projects were named winners of the nomination. The first is the Russian team game with the ball “Kila to All!” This old Russian game contains elements of Russian traditional culture, is easy to learn and does not require special equipment or outfit.

“The sports games now popular throughout the world carry the national images and traditions of the people who conceived and nurtured them. Therefore, it is very important to preserve cultural identity even in the sphere of sports. With this understanding, my team and I develop the forgotten Russian ball game, a written description of which appears in 1862, and transform it into a modern sport. We believe that with proper attention and support, Kila can become Russia’s national brand and the basis of its future victories on the world sports arena. That is why the support we received at the contest and, of course, winning the #OurSportHere nomination is very significant to us,” says Dmitry Chernyak, project leader.

The second prize winner in #OurSportHere nomination was the project of the Mountaineering Federation of the Republic of Bashkortostan – the Malidak Festival. The event has been held since 2017 and has already become one of the most anticipated sporting events for fans of cross-country racing. It is a family sports festival and a beautiful trail with views of the peaks of the Southern Urals.

“In this project we see a huge potential for the development of tourist routes and popularization of sports in the republic. The beautiful Ural Mountains deserve their heroes. And we give everyone the opportunity to be a winner and set an example for the younger generation,” say the authors of the initiative.

Mass sports and non-traditional disciplines are often undeservedly neglected by the big media. Since foundation, Tricolor has been targeting the widest possible audience, and seeks to present sports in all its diversity on its platforms as part of the “Sportivny” project.

“By establishing our own #OurSportHere nomination, we confirmed that Russia has many enthusiasts who are developing their own sports projects that are unique and help people regain their confidence in their own strength. The large number of regional initiatives is very encouraging! The choice was not easy, but we are sure that the winners will be a treat to our millions of viewers. Both projects suggest mass participation, do not require expensive equipment, and have no restrictions on gender or age. Besides, one of the winning projects appeals to our roots and history, and the other draws attention to the incredible beauty of the Ural Mountains,” comments Maria Grishko, Director for Sports Broadcasting at Tricolor.

Sportivny TV channel is available to Tricolor customers both on satellite and on the Internet at kino.tricolor.tv, in the Tricolor Cinema & TV app for mobile devices and Smart TV and on internet-connected hybrid receivers and TV Boxes.

Tricolor is a multiplatform operator that develops a shared information space of entertainment and services for the entire family accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Along with TV that can be watched both via the satellite and in the Internet, the operator offers its clients cutting-edge digital services including online services, smart houses, CCTV monitoring and satellite Internet. Following the results of 2021, the total base of Tricolor amounted to 12.261 million households, including over 10.4 million clients that use the HD compliant equipment. The company has over 681 thousand 4K customers, and the number of unique users of the Tricolor Cinema & TV online service is 1.7 million.

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