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Yury Rezvyakov has been Appointed Technical Director of Tricolor TV

28 december 2016

Yury Sergeevich Rezvyakov has become the new technical director of Tricolor TV. Igor Leonidovich Kotsarev who formerly held the position was appointed the Adviser Director General for broadcasting matters.

The major task faced by the new head of the technical directorate of Tricolor TV is to create a technological platform for introduction of cutting-edge formats of broadcasting and innovative technologies for uninterrupted digital services to be rendered by the operator as well as strategic planning and operating management.

Yury Sergeevich Rezvyakov was born in 1973 in Leningrad. In 1997 he graduated from Saint Petersburg State Transport University in the specialty of Automation, Telemechanics and Communication on Railway Transport. In 2003-2011 Yury Rezvyakov managed the directorate of technological support of preparation, production and broadcasting in Petersburg Teleradiocompany OJSC (Fifth Channel). The work performed in that period included complete modernization of the major technological systems, creation of a network of correspondent stations and broadcasting complexes (Open Studio) and launching the channel broadcasting in all subjects of the Russian Federation. In 2011-2016 Yury Rezvyakov held executive positions in a number of major companies; in particular, he was responsible for technological support of the broadcasting of Saint Petersburg television channel and television production of information programs on the First Channel.

He is married, raises a son and a daughter.

Igor Leonidovich Kotsarev (born in 1957) who formerly held the position of the technical director has been appointed the Adviser Director General for broadcasting matters.

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